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Preloved Piano: John Broadwood & Sons

John Broadwood & Sons Solid African Rosewood Boudoir Grand Piano

There are some truly wonderful items for sale on Preloved. Some, like this incredibly rare John Broadwood & Sons Piano, are steeped in history. Preloved member Stuart tells the Preloved community all about the item.

I listed the item on Preloved to give members the extremely rare opportunity to purchase a stunning Boudoir Grand Piano from the 1880’s. This Piano has been in our family for over the last 50 years, and had been cherished and extremely well looked after.

John Broadwood

I bought it off a gentleman back in the 1940’s as he was moving house and no longer had room for it. The gentleman knew I liked Piano’s and at the time I had just the spot for it in my living room.  I knew back then how sort after Broadwood & Sons Pianos were – famous people such as Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt and the Royal Family were all enjoying them too.

The Piano is made from a Solid African Rosewood Cabinet, which is absolutely magnificent! The legs are also intricately carved which was a big deal back in the 1800’s. It was made in 1880 during the best and most cherished period of time in the brand’s history. The beautiful decorations and unique design of the instrument introduce the atmosphere of nineteenth century England to any room.

Ornate carved legs

Recently there was the same Piano that had been refurbished that sold in Belgium for £13,500, so grab this opportunity to get a rare piece of history along with a stunning piece of craftsmanship.

Stuart can deliver anywhere in the UK free of charge, and you can contact him by clicking on the ‘Respond to Advert’ button if you have any questions about the item.

Grand Piano

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Stuart has been in the furniture industry for over the last 50 years. He loves to providing the highest quality of furniture along with the greatest customer service.