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How to Design Your Caravan Interior

Whether you’ve bought a project caravan that needs a whole lot of love, or whether you just want to spruce up the interior of your current home from home, our guide on how to design your caravan interior is here to help!

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Decorating the Walls

Check for damp

An important thing to consider when considering decorating the wall of your caravan, be sure to check for damp in your caravan interior and consider whether this will affect wallpaper and paints.

Wallpapering your caravan interior

If you decide to use wallpaper, it follows the same process as a wall in your home and you can use the same tools (ruler, scalpel, sponge) and paper as you normally would. However, you may find it more difficult to get around fiddly angles in a caravan so patience is key! We have a few helpful tips for wallpapering your caravan interior. Make sure the walls are grease free by giving the surfaces a good wash with sugar soap. If you’re worried about the wallpaper sticking, try coating the walls with Unibond before using a thick paste to stick up the paper.

Painting your caravan interior

When wallpapering is looking too tricky, painting is a great alternative to bringing some colour into the space. Plus, rooms are usually smaller than those at home so it’ll be a lot quicker and cheaper – however, make sure you ventilate the room properly while you’re working. An egg-shell based paint is usually best for this as ordinary emulsion can chip and peel easier.

Tips for filling and dressing your caravan interior

Pick a colour theme

When decorating your caravan, be sure to have an agreed colour theme, running this through the living area with curtains and cushions will bring the room together and show your tastes

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Home from home

Make this space your own and don’t be afraid to show your personality through it. Be sure to express your tastes and it’ll turn your caravan into a home from home.

Refresh your fabrics on a budget

Adding new curtains, throws and cushions are a great way of giving the interior a whole new look without completely reupholstering, which can be costly.

Using curtains to make it warmer

Curtains also work to insulate the room and keep it warmer on cold evenings. Investing in backed or lined curtains can help keep the sun out on a lazy morning.

Accessories are key

As most caravans have fixed furnishings, you can’t just replace the sofa in the way you could at home. Instead, you can change the look of the room using the right accessories, such as a new throw over the sofa!

Dress your bed

Similar to the sofa and seating fittings, the bed is likely to be difficult to replace. Add a new mattress or mattress topper and some new bedding to make it feel like new.


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Interiors inspiration from @theresnoplacelikeearl on Instagram


How to heat your static caravan

If you’re planning on staying in your static caravan over winter, or are looking for central heating, we’ve also put together a guide on the best way to heat your static caravan!

  1. Draught excluders: Use a draught excluder on all door to keep heat in and cold out
  2. Gas heaters: but be sure to read the manual fully and use a carbon monoxide alarm. Plus, don’t use it in the sleeping area!
  3. Electric heaters will heat up quickly and can be easily moved between rooms!
  4. Heated blankets: be sure to read the instructions!
  5. Underfloor heating: can be expensive to install but handy if you’re there over winter, plus can help avoid burst pipes.
  6. Keeping the curtains open during the day: will let the sun in while you’re out and about.
  7. Lined curtains: will help keep the heat in at night
  8. Hot water bottle!

That’s all for our guide on transforming your caravan interior, hopefully, you’re feeling inspired! If you have any more tips and tricks or you’ve transformed the interior of your caravan, do let us know on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram!

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Zoe Allison

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