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10 Simple Touches for Your Autumn Wedding

We love an autumn wedding: coppers and warm browns take centre stage and the level of cosiness reaches a new high. If you are planning a wedding for the upcoming months, we have collated a selection of finishing touches you can add to your big day.

1. Place names

The great thing about having a wedding in autumn is that you can find most of the props and décor from items nature has provided.

1. Autumn Oh One Fine Day DIY Pinecons seating cards

2. Messages

A fun way to have your guests write a message to you on the day is by having leave-shaped paper on a table. They can hang their message on some gathered twigs and branches. Once the special day is over, you can fill a book with these lovely messages.

2. Autumn Rock n Roll Bride

3. Table top

Take some of the surplus pinecones and twigs and make some charming table tops.

3. Love My Dress

4. Bouquet

As for bouquets, why not look into some dried lavender and wheat? You can have the bouquet ready with plenty of time and will not wilt and die!

4. Dried Flower Craft

5. Cake and wedding topper

Any excuse to eat chocolate, so why not have a chocolate wedding cake!? It has the autumnal colour, right?! Add some seasonal fruit of choice, maybe some woodland animals, and you have an amazing-looking cake.

5. Artfully Wed

6. Confetti

Gather some fallen leaves from the garden and create confetti with a paper puncher. You can also get family and friends involved by contributing leaves from their own garden.

6. Cwtch The Bride confetti

7. Wedding favours

A warm cup of hot chocolate will hit the spot the day after your big day, when your guests get home from a long train journey or a car ride with 2 children. You might have seen mason jars with the same ingredients, however if you have a large wedding party, smaller servings might be the way forward if you want to economise.

7. Pinterest2

8. Floral arrangements

Keep in line with the season by making flower arrangements with pumpkins. Cut the top off and hollow it out. Line the inside with a sheet of plastic so it will hold moisture more effectively – you can try it without the plastic or with something more environmentally friendly. Place a piece of floral foam that has been soaked in water – again, try and source a more sustainable option such as wood chips or pebbles.

8. Pumpkin-Floral-Arrangements-388x1024 Garden Therapy

9. Blanket

If the event is taking place outside, scour our site and places such as car boot sales for blankets. What to do with them afterwards? Easy, build a den! Or you can raffle them off at the end of the day. Although they do come in handy for impromptu road trips and picnics.

9. Sarah Kathleen Photography

10. Sparklers

And to finish off the night, light some sparklers as the last of the hardcore dancers abandon the dance floor to sober up with the fresh air outside.

10. Pinterest

Did you have or are you planning an autumn wedding? Share your ideas with other Preloved members!

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert