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Charity Member: Border Collie Trust GB

There are many charities that use Preloved to support their causes, and we aim to promote these as much as possible. Various animal charities use the site to spread the word about animals in need of a new home, and Preloved is used as a platform to brings these animals together with new owners, allowing them to find loving forever homes. We chatted to Ben from the Border Collie Trust Charity to find out about some of the work they do, and to see how Preloved benefits them. 

Border Collie

The charity was established in 1976 by Hazel Monk. Her passion for dogs, collies in particular, propelled her to start the ‘Border Collie Trust’. After Hazel’s death in 1992, her team were determined to continue with her inspirational work, and the organisation became a registered charity in 1996. This meant they were able to raise more funds, set up permanent kennels, and rescue and care for more Collies than ever before.

The charity’s resources were stretched to their limits in 2001 due to the outbreak of foot and mouth disease. It meant that many collies that were not trained farm dogs, but lived on farms nevertheless, were abandoned due to famers’ lack of income. The charity utilised all of their resources at the difficult time and were able to home most of the dogs that were in need.

Border Collie Playing

Today the Border Collie Trust Charity are continuing with their incredible work, and have just managed to install dog activity features and new fencing in the outside areas of their kennels. As part of their mission to rehome Collies, they advertise on Preloved, hoping that those who are able to give a dog a forever home will do so.

Cute Border Collie!

Ben Wilkes, a Trustee for the charity, said that ‘The Trust utilise a number of channels to promote the work we do, including our own website, social media, and a variety of websites that will attract interest in our work. There’s no doubt that our presence on Preloved plays a useful part in our overall strategy to attract new owners for the dogs in our care, but also those who need our assistance with a collie they own. Preloved also helps to generally raise awareness of the work we carry out in rescuing and rehoming Border Collies throughout the UK”.

The charity recently had to fund treatment for a dog that was found with a serious leg injury. Without the funding, she would have been put to sleep. The cost of the operation almost reached £1000, and any support that members of the Preloved community are able to offer would be greatly appreciated. Please visit their website for more information.

Ben Wilkes

Ben Wilkes

Community User

Ben is a Trustee for the Border Collie Trust. The staffordshire-based charity rescues and rehomes Border Collies and collie crosses throughout the UK.