Preloved This is the Preloved logo mark which shows a symbol shaped to represent a speech bubble and the letter P with a love heart symbol cut out of the center. The words 'Preloved' are represented along side the logo mark.
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Welcome to New Preloved

new Preloved Logo

Preloved began life in 1998 as one of the earliest classified ads site in the UK. With the friendly slogan, ‘The Joy of Secondhand’, the website quickly grew nationwide and by 2011 it was already the second largest in the UK. In 2013, we recorded over £1,300,000,000 worth of items listed on site (That’s right, £1.3 billion!) and we expect to significantly exceed that in 2014.

Preloved is a leading marketplace in pets, goods, services, motors and property, but it is so much much more than a marketplace. During this period of growth (now over 5.5 millionmembers), Preloved grew out of being solely a classified ads site. Unlike the ads at the back of a newspaper or magazine, Preloved provides not just the introduction but also the channel for ongoing communication between buyers and sellers. In this sense, it became a social community, quickly adding to it forums, public reviews and blog posts.


The rebrand and everything that we do revolves around our core mission:


We believe the essence of our site is to provide a trusted venue where both buyers and sellers feel safe and free to explore and connect with over 5 million other members, just like them. That’s why we focus on providing excellent customer service on-site, by email and through social. That’s also why we pay careful attention to the adverts placed on the site and the messaging that takes place every day.



Preloved new look

Our talented designers and developers have taken the concept and waved their magic wand on the site, working through desktop, mobile and tablet. Along the way, they’ve improved accessibility and incorporated dozens of suggestions from the feedback we’ve taken over the last few months.

We’ve been working tirelessly on the new re-design and we’re so excited to share it with you!Our new logo incorporates our enduring love of all things pre-owned – with a new emphasis on the Preloved community. Our new brand transcends through the site as new and improved styling without disrupting the functionality of the site, giving you the chance to enjoy our new look whilst using the site as you would normally.

logo journey

For us, this is not just a change of symbol, but a symbol for change. The new Preloved branding represents a bigger, bolder and brighter ambition and dedication to serving you, our community.

Have your say!

We care about the Preloved community and would love to know what you think of Preloved’s new look? Please give feedback HERE, or alternatively you can tweet us @PrelovedUKusing #NewPreloved. We’ll post the best tweets below.

To celebrate this pivotal change in the Preloved design, we are offering HALF PRICE FULL MEMBERSHIP on Tuesday 2nd December.

Wing Chan

Wing Chan

Community User

Wing Chan is the current Managing Director and first member of the new team that has been looking after Preloved since March 2014.