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Restoration Day – Age Isn’t Just a Number…

It’s here! Hooray! Preloved is excited to celebrate Restoration Day, which is taking place on Sunday 21st August this year. The event was launched in 2015 with the aim to encourage members to restore items that have seen better days.

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This not only involves restoring something you already have, but also finding an item with great potential that will look amazing after some TLC. So, why don’t you go ahead and check out our more than 17,000 adverts on classic cars and over 12,100 items of antique furniture and period collectibles? We are sure you will find something that is just up your street.

In the run up to the day, there will be:

• Stories shared by Preloved Members who have sold or are selling their restored items onsite.
• Articles that delve into the world of restoration of classic cars and pianos.
• A chance to win a lovingly restored gramophone sourced from Preloved.
• And half-price Premium Membership on the day.


Share your restoration project with us using the hashtag #PrelovedRestore and we’ll retweet our favourites!

Alexander Vaughan

Alexander Vaughan

Newsletter Editor

Alex is Preloved’s Newsletter Editor. He’s a Yorkshire lad, born and bred, but sounds like he’s from Surrey. He has a passion for hummus, but doesn’t source this from Preloved. If Alex could be an item of furniture, he’d be a coat rack.