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Deals from VoucherBin

Here at Preloved, we’re committed to saving our users money. There are plenty of incredible bargains to be snapped up across the internet, but many of them require you to search high and low. VoucherBin, however, is different.

VoucherBin is a must-visit if you’re planning on doing any online shopping. From National Trust to, and Virgin Experience Days to Currys, you can save money on a whole host of different brands.


80% of UK adults have used a voucher code in the last 12 months, and 62% of those people found their codes on sites such as VoucherBin.

We asked VoucherBin what makes their site different to other voucher sites that are available? They said:

“We built an automated algorithm which uses machine learning and various other signals to address invalid vouchers being displayed – a problem which a lot of other voucher sites experience. We combine that with big data and social and emotional intelligence to improve the usability and user experience of voucher code users.”

It all sounds a little complicated but we’re assured that it means their voucher expiration dates are more accurate.

The site has an easy-to-use budget calculator to help customers find their favourite brands within their spend limits. Even Preloved have had great member offer discounts featured on the VoucherBin site!


VoucherBin has helped 1.2 million customers save, on average, a whopping £15 per order, and could help online shopping fans to save money on a number of internet shopping sites.

Visit today and see how much you can save!



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