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5 Ways to Wear Red this Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Wear Red this Valentine’s Day

We all want to look and feel that extra bit special on Valentine’s! Not only to impress our other halves but because it’s one of the few occasions we actually get to celebrate our love life’s what with the hectic and busy lifestyles that we all lead. Many people can be put off the colour red as its seen as quite a daring and perhaps risky choice when finishing off that date night look! However, it is something that is always on-trend and with a little bit of fashion inspiration, you can learn how to integrate statement red pieces without totally overwhelming your entire outfit. Read on to find out how bold is a lot easier than you may think when wearing red this Valentine’s…

Red lips this Valentine’s

It’s important to remember that red isn’t just limited to that strikingly bright tone we instantly think of when it comes to lipstick. You also have ruby, crimson, cherry, scarlet and rust variations to work with. So, our advice is to head to your favourite cosmetics store, experiment with a few different shades of red, and you’ll be on to the best Valentine’s yet!

red lipstick this valentine's

Red earrings

The best thing about red earrings (dangly or studs) is that they suit absolutely all hair types, colours, and lengths. Everyone can utilize this accessory to finish off a romantic look this Valentine’s. If you really don’t fancy wearing a red piece of clothing, don’t completely retreat from the idea as this still a very striking alternative.

red earrings this valentine's

Red handbag

Even if you put together an outfit this Valentine’s and realize that the jeans, the blouse, and heels are all black … you can instantly turn that funeral look into date night fashionista with a red purse or handbag. This pop of colour is an instant saving grace when pulling together that perfect Valentine’s look.


Red heels

Let’s be honest, we’d all love that Louboutin red bottom heel, but you don’t need to break the bank to achieve a similar look this Valentine’s! An open-toe strappy red heel is an absolute must. If you get the feeling that your outfit choice is a little too casual, pair it with a killer red heel and you’re good to go.

red heels

Red nails

An even if any of the above are not quite hitting the mark, there’s always a gorgeous red manicure to save the day!

red nails

Start with your red stand out piece and let the rest of the outfit follow from there. We hope you have a great Valentine’s!

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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert