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Easy Easter Recipe

Every year when Easter comes around, we find it harder and harder to avoid all those delicious chocolaty treats that somehow magically appear in our shopping trolley on our regular trip to the supermarket. We don’t know how they manage to just fall off the shelves and manage to appear amongst our weekly essentials, but with a very strong ‘wink’ we’re going to assume it’s the chocolate Easter egg fairy working her magic… and she’s doing it because Easter eggs are good for us in some way*.

(*Disclaimer; we know this isn’t true, but we have to have some excuse to treat ourselves now and again, don’t we?)

One thing we will certainly never tire of, is new ways to enjoy our seasonal favourite; the cream egg. It’s a little taste of heaven which seems to be even more special, due to the limited period of the year we are able to stock up on it. But how do we get the best out of our cream eggs this Easter? WELL, try combining them with another chewy, gooey, treat in the form of a chocolate brownie.

Following this amazing recipe from Helen who blogs at The Love Cats Inc, you too can enjoy this easy Easter recipe:

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Big thanks to Helen for letting us share her superb recipe from her original blog post here.

Amy Lockley

Amy Lockley

Writer and expert

Amy is the Head of Community at Preloved. In her spare time, she loves volunteering for a rabbit charity, having crafting weekends and kite boarding in Morecombe which is always combined with a camping adventure! She is always on the hunt for a bargain whether that be at car boots, house clearances or charity shops.