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#PrelovedPets – Meet the Preloved Team’s Pets

To celebrate #NationalPetMonth month, we thought we would introduce you to the most important members of the Preloved team, our pets!

Meet our #PrelovedPets

Kevin and Smaug – Holly

Kevin is 2 and a half years old and was rescued from a house of 30 cats that had been abandoned when he was a kitten. He’s been living with Holly since then. He’s a bit of a diva and his favourite place to be is the bathroom sink, especially when you need to brush your teeth.

Smaug is about 9 months old and was also rescued as a kitten and certainly lives up to his name. He enjoys hiding under the sofa and attacking passing feet but will do anything for a good head scratch.

This pair even have their own Instagram


Monty – Rachel

“Hi, I’m Monty and I’m 6 years old. I love eating….everything from slippers to raw pizza dough (I stole the latter and it made me quite poorly).

I also love walks although my long ears sometimes get in the way. I’m very good at catching and fetching but unfortunately can’t help but chew my toys to bits!”

monty col

Ollie and Oscar – Tina

Ollie is 17 years old (!) and Tina has had him since he was a kitten. He likes lounging in the sun and running around the house at 3am.

Oscar is 19 years old and was rehomed as a 2 year old. He’s always after physical contact and will do anything just to sit on your knee.

ollie and oscae

Aggie – Holly

Aggie is Holly’s dog back at her family home but is too cute to not be included. She once chewed a chunk out of a concrete wall and is possibly the fastest labrador you’ve ever seen


Pancake – Beth

Regular followers of our blog will recognise this chap, as he’s had a blog all of his own! Have a look and hear his adoption story from his perspective as well as learn a little about adopting a cat!


Paws – Steve

Paws likes being tickled under the chin, but she hates rain. However, she’s a little dozy – if it’s raining at the front of the house she will run to the back and howl to go out in case it’s dry there!


Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert