How to Give a New Rescue Dog a Happy Home

Taking on a rescue dog is a wonderful thing to do, however, it can be stressful for the pooch when moving to a new home. Our friends at Wood Green are here with some tips on ensuring a new rescue dog has a happy home.

2017-10-11 09:00:56By Wood Green


A Guide to Guinea Pig Behaviour and Hygiene

Marie Pavaday-Pillay, from Wood Green tells us all about guinea pig behaviour, how to keep good hygiene, how to recognise their sounds and what the most common ailments are.

2017-07-28 00:00:12By Marie Pavaday-Pillay


Give Your Guinea Pig the Best Living Conditions - 10 Cage Facts

We asked Guinea Pig Welfare how to give our piggies the best living conditions, from the size of our guinea pigs' cage to the type of bedding to whether they should be inside or outside as well as the dilemma of leaving food in the cage.

2017-03-06 00:00:54By Guinea Pig Welfare


Where’s Mum? – Puppies and their mothers

For anyone who loves dogs, you will know that in order for dogs to have the best start in life, puppies should stay with their mother until they are 8 weeks old. Preloved strongly oppose puppy trafficking and want to show its members what to do if you want to sell, buy or rehome a puppy. Remember to always ask "where's mum?"

2016-12-14 00:00:16By Justine Dench


The Beginners Guide to Keeping Tarantulas as Pets

Richard Adams, a British tarantula enthusiast, shares with us the essentials of keeping tarantulas as pets. He discusses tanks, substrate, atmospheric conditions and also recommends a couple of breeds for the absolute beginner. Keep on reading to discover more!

2016-10-13 00:00:37By Richard Adams


13 Fun Pet Facts

We love to learn quirky things about our pets. It's been a good day when we get home and start a sentence with: did you know...? Here at Preloved with have gathered 13 interesting and fun pet facts facts.

2016-09-30 00:00:01By Justine Dench


14 Tips to Cat-Proof Your Home

Bringing home a lovable feline from the shelter is so exciting. However, first-time cat parents should prepare their homes for the arrival of their new kitty. Emily from Catological gives us some tips to cat-proof our home in preparation to welcoming a new pet.

2016-09-23 00:00:44By Emily Parker


Great DIY Ideas for Your Pet

What happens when you love your pets but also like to indulge in DIY? You build your pets amazing things! Keep reading for some great ideas and inspiration.

2016-08-29 00:00:46By Natalie Reynolds


Lizard and Snake Care

The Animal Protection Agency discuss the needs and what the bear in mind should you be considering getting a reptile as a pet.

2016-07-29 10:33:45By Animal Protection Agency Foundation


Zebra Finch and Canary Care

Our friends at The Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare have put together some essential care tips for Zebra Finches and Canaries.

2016-07-03 13:13:45By Sarah Gorringe