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Neutering Your Rabbit | Know The Costs

Before adopting a pet, it is important to consider all the costs that it might entail. To help you out, we decided to put together a quick guide to the cost of neutering your rabbit and some other important facts about rabbit care.

Owning a Rabbit

Owning a rabbit can cost around £800+ a year when you consider the costs of a hutch, vets, food and other necessary expenditure. So, if you’re thinking of bringing a furry little friend into your life, consider whether you’ll be able to afford to give it a happy home.

Un-spayed female rabbits (or does) have an 80% chance of getting uterine cancer, so it’s not only important to neuter to avoid unwanted babies but also for your rabbit’s health.

Although rabbits are the 3rd most popular pet in the UK, 67k end up in rescue every year.

happy rabbit with vet neutering

Why should I neuter my rabbit?

Un-neutered rabbits will need to be kept on their own to avoid unwanted breeding and aggression. As rabbits are naturally social animals who need company and naturally want to bond with their cage-mates, this will lead to a very poor quality of life for your rabbit, so neutering is incredibly important.

Un-neutered does can become highly aggressive, suffer from phantom pregnancies and be at a high risk of uterine cancer. Spaying your female rabbit will help reduce all of this, plus, it can help them live longer!

Similarly, neutered bucks are more relaxed, less aggressive and will stop spraying urine, which is a win for the both of you!

rabbit cost of neutering

When should I neuter my rabbit?

Male rabbits (bucks) can be neutered from 10-12 weeks, but ideally, leave it until they are at least 4 months old. Does should be left until at least 6 months old.

Aggression in bucks doesn’t start until they reach sexual maturity, so if you have a litter, they can be kept together until their operations up until their operations without too much issue up until the threshold.

Take your rabbit to vets for consultation well in advance of the operation. Here, your vet will confirm if he or she is ok to proceed, then you can book the operation for a later date.

Be sure to follow instructions from the vet on post-op care, and have their emergency contact details to hand. Bucks in particular recover quickly, make sure you give them a few days.

Be sure to keep males & females apart for few weeks after their operations, but a neutered doe and a neutered buck make a perfect pair once they’re all healed!

rabbit cost of neutering

How much does it cost to neuter my rabbit?

The consultation will typically cost around £30-£35. The UK average cost for neutering a rabbit is £80-£100.

You’ll probably find that it is most expensive to neuter a doe than a buck.

That’s all for our guide of neutering your rabbit. Why not treat your rabbit to some Preloved goodies? Be the first to get your hand on Preloved gems by  upgrading your membership!


Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert