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Be Treatwise With Your Dog

Dogs enjoy food – there is certainly no doubt about that. They will often sit by or circle the table at dinner waiting to get your scrumptious leftovers, and you are very likely to cave in when those puppy dog eyes are staring up at you.  What we fail to think about though is thatour bodies are very different to the bodies of dogs, and the foods that we might think are healthy for them can actually have the opposite effect on their health.

Who would have thought that food we humans see as healthy, grapes and raisins, could develop into kidney failure within 48 hours of snacking when eaten by a dog? It’s unbearable to even think about!

There are many reasons why you might give your dog your leftovers, whether he deserves it for learning a new trick or because he just won’t leave you alone; it’s not necessarily always a bad thing. There are some foods that we eat that you can give them which are beneficial and may actually improve your dog’s health.

It can be difficult knowing what is healthy for your dog and what isn’t, so make sure you stick to what you know, do some research or speak to your vet.

Can Dogs Eat Bones?

One food to avoid is cooked bones; they splinter more easily so contain more sharp bits which are as painful, if not more, for a dog as we humans. However, it isn’t only boned meat you should be concerned about. If you’ve cooked too many sausages, don’t be tempted by your dog’s imploring look, preservatives in sausages can cause thiamine deficiency which can be fatal.

It’s important to also think about your actions as carelessness can affect your dog. For example, if anti-freeze drips from your car to the ground, its liable to be licked up – which can result in vomiting, diarrhoea and breathing difficulties.

What Can Dogs Eat?

So what can we actually give our furry friends as a treat? They bring us lots of happiness and they deserve it, right?

Apples are great for improve a dogs overall health, they help to satisfy a dog’s desire to chew, while providing a source of pectin. This can help to remove toxins from the intestinal tract, strengthen intestinal muscles and remove harmful bacteria. Carrots are also a healthy treat for your pet, they are low calorie and naturally sweet, and again will satisfy your dog’s desire to chew, whilst aiding blood clotting and energy production.

Bear in mind that treats should only make up one tenth of your dog’s daily intake.

Our infographic below features common snacks that may be harming your dog and it will give you a good insight to what’s classed as a treat or poison. You may be surprised at some of them!
alt text

Will you be changing your dog’s diet after this? If so, are you taking the bad things out, or putting the good ones in? Why not print off the infographic and stick it on your fridge so the rest of the family also know the difference between healthy dog treats vs. what could poison your dog.

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