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Green Friday at Preloved: Everything You Need To Know

Green Friday at Preloved: Everything You Need To Know

Green Friday on the 27th of November 2020 is Preloved’s answer to the environmental dangers of Black Friday. We wanted to provide a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to the thousands of discounts, deals, and offers that take place on Black Friday and now even more worryingly, “Cyber Monday.” So this Green Friday at Preloved, we decided to partner up with one ethical brand in a giveaway of a product that has the environment at its core.

Let’s start on a positive note… COMPETITION TIME!

We’ve teamed up with Planet Warrior to give you the chance of winning a tropical print eco water bottle and logo cap made from eco-cotton. Enter on our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram posts, or by clicking on the image below:

Green Friday at Preloved

Why we’re collaborating with Planet Warrior

Can you just imagine how much plastic circulates the globe during Black Friday weekend? From manufacturing to packaging, to wrapping- Plastic is everywhere and the majority of it cannot be recycled. Well, the mission of the Planet Warrior sisters is to create “fabulous, luxury products that you love whilst combating plastic”- brilliant! Josie and Juliette are always at the beach or having fun in the water in their spare time, which is why they have become so passionate about our oceans and keeping them clean. As a consequence, they’ve created a brand that embraces products made from eco-rubber and plastic waste. What’s more, they also incorporate eco-friendly packaging, even down to the packing tape!

You can tell these two eco-sisters really do care about the environment, cleaning up plastic pollution, and encouraging their followers to engage with recycling. AND it shows… Planet Warrior has been recognised for their hard work with the Eco-Age Brandmark Award.


Green FrIday Preloved and Planet Warrior

So, what’s our issue with Black Friday?

We get that everybody loves a bargain, that’s one of the main driving forces behind Preloved and why we’re so passionate about second hand! However, when it starts to negatively impact the environment, that’s when our support for a good old discount ends:

  1. Especially this year thanks to national lockdowns, the majority of Black Friday transactions will be carried out online. This means huge increases in carbon emissions as fast deliveries hurry to get to your door. With many next day delivery deals and on-road shipping systems, it’s inevitable that this weekend will see an increase in carbon pollution.
  2. “Cyber Monday” often has a huge focus on electronic items, which aren’t typically the ‘greenest’ of purchases as they ultimately become ‘e-waste.’ The UN found that we only recycle 20% of e-waste, the rest heads for the landfill. Once there, electronics present a major health risk, with the possibility of toxic lead and mercury leakages.
  3. Fast Fashion: Anyone that knows Preloved, knows our feelings towards fast fashion. Anything that is quickly bought, sold, and shipped all over the world mixed with high carbon emissions and high levels of polluting plastic, is a no from us!

Black Friday Deals

Please before you get roped into the shopping frenzy and chaos that surrounds Black Friday, ask yourself: Do they really need this? Will it be beneficial to their lives? Are they just going to throw this away, for it to never see the light of day again?

Then alternatively, look to eco-friendly brands like Planet Warrior with sustainability and the environment at their core! At least then, you are starting on the right foot. So, why not choose Green Friday this November?

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert