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14 Inspiring Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

We just love how creative couples get for their wedding day. They plan it all to the smallest detail, and what is essentially a big party is an event full of character that represents the bride and groom. One detail that has had a creative make-over in the past few years is the guest book. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a traditional book, in which people can write their well-wishes and everything is contained in one compact space.

However, some couples like to have this token of appreciation on display. Others want to find a practical use to it, so we have collated our favourite, most inspiring guestbook ideas for your eyes only.

  1. Let’s start with the most traditional of guestbooks. By adding a Polaroid camera, you will capture the mood of the moment.

    1. Make Merry

    Image Credit: Make Merry

  2. This type of illustration is becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason. It’s quick and easy! And kids have a excuse to get their hands dirty.

    2. bethkruse.blogspot

    Image Credit: Beth Ruse

  3. We love this fun alternative too! Simply print off a sample and leave a bunch of pens on the table. Let guests choose their “person”, colour them in and sign their name.

    3. Something Turquoise

    Image Credit: Something Turquoise

  4. You can buy a bunch of old postcards from a flea market or your local charity shop and ask guests to leave their message in the post box. Or, if you have friends and family who live around the world, ask them to bring a postcode from their hometown and get them to write a message for you on there!

    4. Weddings by Sasha

    Image Credit: Weddings by Sasha

  5.  Similarly, get your hands on a globe and have your guests sign that. It’s a lovely thing to have in the home after the big day, and it might help you decide the destination for your future travels.

    6. Elegant Wedding Invites

    Image Credit: Elegant Wedding Invites

  6. Ask for marriage advice from those who have been loved up for longer. You’ll get serious and fun messages, which makes a nice mix and an interesting read if you decide to showcase them in your home.

    5. Tara Photography

    Image Credit: Tara Photography

  7. This couple left a dictionary on the table and asked guests to circle the words they associated with them. You could also use it as how they would decide marriage with one word, what NOT to do, etc.

    7. Nancy Cohn Photography. Wedding planner Heather Lowenthal

    Image Credit: Nancy Cohn Photography. Wedding planner: Heather Lowenthal

  8.  Another way of showcasing messages in on pebbles, which will then be put in a vase.

    8. Luminaire Foto

    Image Credit: Luminaire Foto

  9. You can ask for a bucket list that will last a lifetime.

    9. The Wedding of my Dreams Blog

    Image Credit: The Wedding of My Dreams blog

  10. Or ask for messages to read on your first anniversary.

    10. Pinterest

    Image Credit: Pinterest

  11. You could also use booklets as table numbers that will double up as messages to read on certain wedding anniversaries.

    12. Pinterest 2

    Image Credit: Pinterest

  12.  Ask for recommendations and questions on subjects such as pet names, how many children will you have, what car will you drive at the age of 40, what will be your career change, etc.

    11. Red Fly Photography

    Image Credit: Red Fly Photography

  13. Make a puzzle and get guests to either write or sign on each piece. At one point someone will start to assemble the puzzle, encouraging people to write more and more until it is complete.

    13. One Fab Day

    Image Credit: One Fab Day

  14. And finally, a game of Jenga. This is genius!
14. Love One Another Photography

Image Credit: Love One Another Photography

Which one is your favourite? Share your guest book with us on Twitter or Instagram!

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert