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Kirstie Allsopp | Fill Your House for Free

Many of us got comfy on the sofa on Tuesday, excited for the next episode of Kirstie Allsopp’s Fill Your House for Free. But what’s all the fuss about? Is it really possible to fill your house for free?

Kirstie Allsopp Fill Your House For Free

Kirstie Allsopp is a TV Presenter, an expert on homes and more recently handmade homes. With the current popularity of free cycling and upcycling, it’s not hard to see why filling your house for free is possible! Not just possible, but relatively easy to do!

If you know the right places and are willing to get your hands a little dirty, your hard work could really pay off in the long run. You’d be surprised how much you can do at little financial cost – if any cost at all!

Dining table from Preloved. Kirstie Allsopp | Fill Your House for Free

Fill Your House For Free documents the struggles of having an empty home and little money to buy furniture. With broken electricity and leaking pipes, furniture is constantly pushed lower on your list of priorities and it’s hard to get excited about decorating.

Amongst the companies mentioned on Kirstie Allsopp’s show, Preloved was an example of where you can get great items for your home on the cheap, and many times even free!

Free fire screen from Preloved. Kirstie Allsopp | Fill Your House for Free

As Kirstie Allsopp said “it’s a sin to bin” and many of our Preloved members believe the same, which is why so many items are listed for free on Preloved every day. From sofas to dining tables to Aga cookers, you can really fill your house for free with Preloved.

We have a whole section dedicated to items being given away for free, so it’s easy to scroll through, and as search results are listed in order of location it’s easy to find items that are close to you. There’s a chance that there’s a dining table being given away for free right now, just around the corner from your home!

1960s cabinet from Preloved. Kirstie Allsopp | Fill Your House for Free

The vast variety of styles, price and condition of items on Preloved means there is something for everybody and even if the item you want isn’t free, the chances are it’s always going to be cheaper than buying new.

We’re passionate about our mission in helping lower the amount of waste going to landfill, but you could really help us just by giving a loving home to an unwanted item. If you have items you’re thinking of chucking, don’t! Sell it or give it away – you can do both on Preloved. So free up some space, or get some extra cash for the holidays.

Retro stereo from Preloved. Kirstie Allsopp | Fill Your House for Free

Check out Preloved’s free page to see what items are going for nothing and try out Kirstie’s distressed chair project on the Preloved blog to get you started on filling your house for free!

Amy Lockley

Amy Lockley

Writer and expert

Amy is the Head of Community at Preloved. In her spare time, she loves volunteering for a rabbit charity, having crafting weekends and kite boarding in Morecombe which is always combined with a camping adventure! She is always on the hunt for a bargain whether that be at car boots, house clearances or charity shops.