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5 Ideas for Upcycling Your Old CDs!

Do you have a pile of old CDs and DVDs no longer being used? With MP3 players and Netflix taking over the way we listen to music and watch films, we imagine we’re not the only ones with a stash of  old discs which have been made redundant due to modern technology. Don’t worry though! There are plenty of ways to still make the most of your old CDs and DVDs. By the power of upcycling, you can find a new use for your old CD’s – transforming them in something much more beautiful than just a round, shiny disc!

DIY CD recycling ideas

Top 5 Ideas for Recycling Old CD’s

  • Holographic Fashion.

Whether you want to revamp an old shirt, or jazz up a clutch bag, using a cut up CD to add holographic detail to your old clothes and bags is a simple yet effective option! Choose the strongest glue you can find and ensure that you file down any sharp edges. Just like the example above from Follow Fashion, you can see just how eye catching this simple idea is.

  • DIY Mirror Revamp

Using a similar method as above, where you (carefully) smash up an old disc to create random shapes, you can revamp an old mirror in to an ultra modern work of art. The iridescent finish and quirky pattern makes it a real centre piece for any hallway or lounge. All you need is a mirror, strong glue, old CD’s and a hammer to get you started!

DIY mirror make from CDs

Image Source:Intuition Physician

  • DIY Wall Art

There is so much inspiration over on Pinterest when it comes to creating mini pieces of wall art with your old CDs. From painting them with a matte black paint and scratching in a beautiful pattern, to covering your CD’s with a sticky back plastic. This idea is great to tailor your wall art to your own home, as the options for decorating your discs are endless!

  • Jazz Up An Old Guitar

We LOVE this idea from Etsy seller MiloGlass, where an entire acoustic guitar has been given a new lease of life with a mosaic design made from discs! The end result almost looks like it’s made from beautiful dichroic style glass, but of course, using old CDs instead of glass makes the guitar much lighter and easier to play still.

Mosaic Guitar

  • Treat The Birds!

With bird nesting season now upon us, your garden is bound to have more of our feathered friends in than usual (especially if you made a DIY birdhouse, inspired by our blog post here) We found a fabulous bird bath transformed by recycling old discs over on Me and My DIY, which we can’t wait to have a go at doing when the weather is a bit warmer.

We’ll be trying a few of these CD upcycling ideas soon here on the Preloved Blog, so don’t forget to check back to see how we got on!

Terri Lowe

Terri Lowe

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