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8 School Lunch Box Ideas

With the arrival of September we once again need to get used to a new routine: new after-school activities, tests, homework. Add to that the fact that the adults still have their normal working lives and chores and you don’t know where the day (or week!) has gone. Consequently, ham and cheese sandwiches every day five times a week can get a little repetitive. Parents know their children better than anyone, so they are bound to refuse certain foods. However, we have found some tasty-looking meals that we hope will score some points with the gang.

There are some great homemakers out there, and it is becoming increasingly popular to invest in items that will keep food warmer for longer. They are worth checking out, especially if your child is fond of soup!

1. Easiest thing first, pepperoni and mozzarella grilled cheese. Put some greasing paper around it so the bread doesn’t become soggy and hey presto.

1. family fresh cooking - pepperoni and mozzarella grilled cheese

Image and recipe sourced from Family Fresh Cooking

2. These chocolate chip waffles look extremely appetizing. The pistachios and blueberries are not only rich in antioxidants but tasty.

2. blueberries, pistachios, chocolate chip waffles. Belly Full

Image and recipe sourced from Belly Full

3. Imagine being able to eat spaghetti and not get tomato stains on those uniform tops! Add a mix of melted butter, eggs and Parmesan cheese to cooked pasta and divide into muffin cups. Make a little nest so that the cheese and whatever sauce you choose sits in nicely. Top up with mozzarella and pop in the oven until cheese is slightly brown (30mins aprox)

3. Spaguetti Treasure In An Earthen Vessel

Image and recipe sourced from Treasure in an Earthen Vessel

4. Banana bread. Very tasty, and an excellent option to use up the overripe bananas in the house. Chances are your child is going through one of those phases where they will only eat cereal. Well, they need to eat something… right? You can always replace the cereal for dried fruit, nuts or seeds for something more nutritious. As for the banana bread, you can make small sandwiches with cream cheese. Add cheese, grapes and raspberries and you’re sorted.

4. school+lunch+from+WhatLisaCooks

Image and recipe sourced from What Lisa Cooks

5. Similarly to the spaghetti, why not make rice patties from the weekend’s Chinese takeaway? You can also make it from scratch, just make sure either way you add egg to the ingredients so they stick together in the muffin cups.

5. Rice patties - Planning with the Kids

Image and recipe sourced from Planning with Kids

6. Quesadillas with sliced almonds, crushed coconut, strawberries and peanut butter? Can we take this to work as our lunch as well, please?

6. strawberry-peanut butter quesadillas To healthy Kitchens

Image and recipe sourced from To Healthy Kitchens

7. Your children can have warm food such as this teriyaki chicken. Yum.

7. teriyaki-chicken-lunch-bowls - momables

Image and recipe sourced from Momables

8. An alternative to sandwiches can be wraps. They are neat to eat and can be combined with other snacks, so the bread isn’t too filling.

8. simple as that blog

Image and recipe sourced from Simple as that Blog

What other lunches do you prepare for your family? Leave a comment or send us the recipe at!

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert