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Uses for Leftover Wrapping Paper

Here at Preloved we hate waste, we love DIY, and above all, we love to provide hints and tips for saving the Preloved community money! Most of us buy too much wrapping paper during the festive period, and there’s always an abundance of boxes, used gift bags and used wrapping paper lying around when the festivities are over – especially as we all really got stuck into our Christmas Wrapping Ideas. This year, don’t throw these present wrapping materials away! There are a whole host of creative things you can do with them!

Line dressers and drawers

wallpapered drawers

Tired bookcases and the inside of drawers can be lined with decorative wrapping paper to give the pieces a new lease of life. This also easily introduces a burst of colour into any room, and can be as long-term or as temporary as you like!

Wrapping paper images

Wrapping paper images

Have some spare frames that need some TLC? Or maybe you’re considering redecorating and your current pictures don’t match your décor? How about framing wrapping paper to make inexpensive and beautiful pictures?

Wrap books

Book Wrapping

Apparently some independent book shops wrap all of their books in brown paper and write on their titles and blurbs so that their customers can’t judge the books by their covers. Perhaps you regularly lend books to friends or family members, you’re part of a book club, or just feel like sprucing up your bookshelf? Re-covering books is a wonderful thing to do with leftover wrapping paper!

Decorative streamers

decorative streamers

Eliminate post-Christmas blues by making some shiny streamers to hang around your home. These are great for creating post-festive cheer and are really fun to make!



Decoupage some clipboards using leftover wrapping paper! They make great additions to the kitchen, and are perfect for attaching notes and reminders.

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Adele Gardner

Adele Gardner

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