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Sanctuary Spotlight: Woodlands Animal Sanctuary

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary

Each month, we’re going to be shining a spotlight on the wonderful work of UK shelters and sanctuaries. These welfare heroes, dedicating their time to the care of animals, deserve every bit of recognition that comes their way. This week, it’s Woodlands Animal Sanctuary!

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary care for a large variety of animals, including cats, horses, guinea pigs and hedgehogs. They’re based in Lancashire and are made up of a dedicated team of Staff and Volunteers.

They work tirelessly to help animals in need, “relieve the suffering of animals of any species who are in need of care and attention, and in particular to provide or maintain refuge, secure homes, sanctuaries or other facilities for the reception and care of unwanted animals and the treatment of sick or ill-treated animals“.

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary: Their Top 5 Goals

  1. Rescue: To rescue unwanted, ill-treated, abandoned or neglected animals.
  2. Rehabilitation: The rehabilitation of these animals.
  3. Rehome: To provide residential care, or wherever possible to foster out these animals into secure, permanent and loving environments.
  4. Educate: To educate and provide support and advice to the general public in the care of domestic and wild animals.
  5. Provide Opportunities: To offer volunteering opportunities to everyone including people with mental health issues and special needs.

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary: Their Achievements

They became the only shelter in the Lancashire and Merseyside area with a dedicated hedgehog unit in 2015 and are the only shelter in West Lancashire to cater for multi-species.

All of their staff are qualified in animal management or animal care and the’ve implemented an education programme aimed at schools, clubs and groups in the local area and further afield thanks to their Education Bus!

Sponsoring A Woodland Animal Sanctuary Resident

The amazing team at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary do an incredible job to look after the animals in their care. But there are ways you can get involved too.

From just £5 per month you can help continue rehabilitating animals including cats, kittens and hedgehogs! Each sponsorship includes regular letters and progress updates from the resident, as well as the latest photos and a sponsorship certificate. You can even sponsor an animal as a gift. I’m sure your nearest and dearest would prefer that to another pair of socks!

Donating If You’re Able To

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary is a self-funded registered charity so they have to raise every penny themselves through donations, events and sponsorship.

All the money donated to Woodlands goes directly into their running costs which currently stand at roughly £5,000 a week! Every penny they’re able to raise through fundraising means so much because it makes a genuine difference to the animals in their care. Here are a couple of ways to donate to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary.

  • Monthly or one-off Donations
  • Offline Donations can be sent to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary, Woodlands Farm, Sandy Lane, Holmeswood, Lancashire, L40 1UE.

Donating Your Time Is Always Appreciated

With the cost of living stretching people more than ever before, many don’t have spare income to support causes close to their heart, but we can all still help by donating just our time.

Whether you’re able to organise you’re own campaign, or support one of Woodlands’ own, there’s always fundraising opportunities around the corner. From a sponsored run (or maybe a walk?), to hosting a cake sale at work, every single pound makes a difference. Any funds you’re able to raise off-line can be sent to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary, Woodlands Farm, Sandy Lane, Holmeswood, Lancashire, L40 1UE.

If you’re in the Lancashire area, maybe you could consider becoming a Woodlands Warrior and volunteer at the Sanctuary.

You could even sell some clutter online and donate the proceeds!

Please be aware that Woodlands is not generally open to the public, but if you’d like to visit check out their upcoming Events and be sure to pop along when you can.

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary is a registered independent charity (no.1190858).
Based in Holmeswood, a small village in the heart of Lancashire, they look after ill, unwanted and neglected animals and specialise in rehoming cats and guinea pigs.
Images sourced from Woodlands Animal Sanctuary website.

Preloved are not affiliated with Woodlands Animal Sanctuary, and this is not paid editorial content.





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