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18 Ways to Reuse a Glass Bottle

If it has been your turn to host New Year’s Eve, you’ll probably have a surplus of bottles that will inevitably fill up the recycling. That got us thinking, is there anything we can actually do with glass bottles to reuse them? Turns out there is! As glass can be a hard object to manipulate, it’s worth noting that you will either need to use a special tool such as a glass cutter or make use of fire. For either cases, please be careful, and sought the help of someone more experienced if you are unsure how to proceed. There are also many videos out there that show you different techniques on how to cut glass, let us know which one worked best for you if you try it!

1. The easiest thing to do is to use it as food containers.

Bottle 1 - Pinterest4

Image Source: Pinterest

2. Or glasses!

Bottle 2 - DIY Projects

Image Source: DIY Projects

3. There’s a cool tutorial that shows you how to flatten a bottle, albeit with a kiln… Perhaps it might be worth scouting your area, see if you have any potters who might let you use theirs for a fee.

Bottle 3 - eHow

Image Source: eHow

4. You can define your borders in the garden with upturned bottles.


Image Source: Garden World Images

5. Or use the upper half to make lighting fixtures.

Bottle 5 - DIY Network

Image Source: DIY Network

6. We love the look of this hanging mobile.

Bottle 6 - Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

7. If you ensure your bottles are all the same size, you can easily make a bookcase!

Bottle 7 - Storage and Glee

Image Source: Storage and Glee

8. This is a very creative way to display your herbs on the windowsill. Especially if you are away a lot, it makes great irrigation.

Bottle 8 - Design Sponge

Image Source: Design Sponge

9. Why not cut the bottle in half and use it for appetisers?

Bottle 9 - Bored Art 2

Image Source: Bored Art

10. If you cut off the top of the bottle, turn it upside down and seal the bottom, you can use them as toothpicks.

Bottle 10 - Pinterest2

Image Source: Pinterest

11. How cool is this? A bed with bottles on top. Makes an interesting pergola.

Bottle 11 - Pinterest7

Image Source: Pinterest

12. Brazilian artist Tati Guimaraes has blown us away with these tables.

Bottle 12 - Recyclart

Image Source: Recyclart

13. You can use the bottom to make candles.

Bottle 13 - Pinterest8

Image Source: Pinterest

14. Or turn them into hanging decorations for the garden.

Bottle 14 - Bored Art

Image Source: Bored Art

15. Maybe make a clock?

Bottle 14 - Off Grid Quest2

Image Source: Off Grid Quest

16. Be the friend with the cool shot glasses.

Bottle 15 - Recyclart2

Image Source: Recyclart

17. Make a feature in the back yard.

Bottle 16 - From the Alley

Image Source: From the Alley

18. And, finally, make a bird feeder!

Bottle 17 - Pinterest5

Image Source: Pinterest

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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

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