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10 Ideas on How to Hygge in Winter

The colder months have finally kicked in, and any extensive period of time spent outside is generally ended with a hot drink. Of course many, if not all, the ideas we give throughout the year. The meaning behind the Danish idea of Hygge is not just to be cosy at home under a blanket and reading a book. Here are 10 things to practice Hygge in winter.

Make time

Choose a moment in your day to truly spend time. For example, take time in the morning during your breakfast to sit and think about the day ahead, read the news, listen to the radio. Don’t go on social media necessarily, start your day relaxed. Instead of leaving the house and buying breakfast on your way into work, make it part of your morning routine before you start your commute.


Begin your day by taking time to wake up

Keep a blanket under your desk

If you have an office job, you will spend most of your day inside. Effectively, it’s your second home; so make it comfortable! If you are prone to feeling cold, keep a blanket under your desk. Some people even take hot water bottles to work and fill it up while they make their first tea of the day. There are also yoga exercises you can do sitting down.

Slow food

Slow living is gaining support from people who want to live more intentionally. Make food an eventful part of your day, not just fuel to keep you going. Know your local baker, farmer, artisan. Enquire how the produce you are buying was reared or grown. Enjoy the process of getting the food from plot to plate. Buy locally, and buy seasonally.


Celebrate the moments in life. What is the use of having all your photos stored on your phone? Delete some selfies and make room for quality photos with friends. And then? Display them! Dot photo frames around the house and fill them with your favourite photos of places you have visited and people you have met.


Go through your photos and display your favourites around the home

Natural textures

Stir away from plastic. Wooden furniture is sleek and functional, adding to the sense of bringing nature indoors. Strive towards natural fibers such as cotton, linen or wool; throws and woven rugs will help make a space feel cosy. Locate a local potter and source some ceramics from them, or pick up some second hand; West German pottery tend to have earthy colours.

Coffee breaks

Make use of your coffee and lunch breaks at work. Don’t power through and spend your time in front of your screen. Get out of the office if you can, get some fresh air or go for a walk. Talk to people outside of your team, you might find you have common interests with them!

Bring the outdoors in

While bringing cut flowers and foliage inside is typical in spring and summer, there is something whimsical about bringing nature indoors during the colder months. Twigs, pine, pine cones, lichen,  seed heads, holly; they all make attractive wreaths and garlands. As fresh flowers are practically nonexistent, make use of dried seed heads such as thistles, poppies and grasses in vases.


Wreaths and garlands make attractive decorations


Appreciate every moment.

That is it!

Start a new hobby

Given the weather, going out for a long run or playing a game of football may not be all too appetising. There’s a growing popularity for artisan hobbies such as pottery or weaving. Knitting, crochet and baking are the epitome of cosy, but perhaps this year you could learn candle making, wood carving or dress making.

Lighting is everything

You have the blankets; but it’s not very relaxing to have the main light on, is it!? Floor lamps and table lamps create ambience, place them strategically around the rooms in your home. Adding some candles -scented, if you are so inclined- will make it all feel oh-so-cosy.


Lighting is also important for Hygge

Plan the beginning of your year with more Hygge activities you can get up to. What other things have you done or are planning to do to get that cosy feeling? Why not check out our guide to what you can be doing throughout the year to be more hygge?

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert