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Thinking of Buying a Pram? Read our 5 Top Tips First!

Buying a pram is like buying a car. Well, sort of. Both markets are overcrowded and over-priced, which makes decision making very difficult. There are travel systems, prams and buggies; ones with 3 wheels, 4 wheels and 6 wheels; lightweight prams and heavyweight prams; forward facing ones and backward facing ones. May the list go on.

The second hand pram market is booming, and you can find some fantastic items for a fraction of the retail price. You’ll use your pram a lot, so it’s worth doing your research and purchasing something that fits your lifestyle. We’ve done some research for you, and collated a list of 5 things to consider.

1) How well does it fold?

Try the pram out! Can you use the mechanism by yourself? How long does it take you to fold up and erect again? If it’s a travel system how easy is it to remove the car seat? Could you do it with a crying baby?! These questions seem silly but if you regularly use public transport then they’re really important!

Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip, Source MamasandPapas Instagram

Image Credit: Mamas and Papas

2) Does it fit in your car?

It’s amazing how many parents forget about this issue. Take the pram out to your car to see if it fits before you buy it. This is also a good time to test its weight – if you can’t lift it in by yourself then it’s maybe not for you. I met someone whose pram was too heavy to lift, so she had to wait for a passer-by to assist in getting it out of her car. You don’t want to be doing that.

3) How big is the basket?

I found that those who used a car less often valued pram storage space. There’s nothing worse than having to conduct a precarious balancing act with your shopping if you don’t have enough space. So, if you’re a regular user of public transport, or love to shop, get a pram with a large basket!

iCandy Peach, Source iCandy Instagram

Image Credit: iCandy

4) How old is your child?

Do you want a travel system designed to grow with your child? Or perhaps you are more inclined to purchase a pram more suited for a new born (fully reclining padded seat) and change this for a lighter weight buggy later on. Do you want your baby to face you, or outside? Toddlers are curious and might prefer facing outwards whilst it’s easier if new-borns are facing you.

Joulz Geo. Source Joolz Instagram

Image Credit: Joolz

5) What is your budget?

It’s very easy to get carried away when you shop for your little one. Prams are expensive, but there are plenty of amazing second hand prams out there for a fraction of their retail price. The second hand pram market is growing and certainly one to explore.

Also, remember that a pram with a 4 figure price tag doesn’t necessarily mean that your child is safer. Pram safety regulations in the UK are stringent and so all prams, regardless of their price, have to meet the same standards.

Here are a few suggestions to help you get the ball rolling:

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Mamas&Papas Armadillo Flip

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