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Colour Pop: 12 Ways to Add Pink to Your Home

Pink. How do we feel about this colour? It has got a bad rep in recent decades as it is associated with girls. If a household has any manly men, it is very likely the only room in the house which contains pink is the craft room, or room which isn’t visited very often, maybe the guest room.

We have assembled an array of examples that use the colour pink throughout your home which do not send out crazy flower-power vibes.

Add pink to your door

Dusty pink is the way forward. It is muted, and looks good on practically anything.


Image Credit: Little Green Shed blog

The door combines with the bloom of the tree, amazing. Plus, when the season changes, the pink door will look good with green, and will bring colour to the street during the winter months.

Pinterest 7

Image Credit: Pinterest

Follow the pink brick wall

These exotic plants look fab with the contrasting backdrop. Green and pink again, great combination.

Red Online

Image Credit: Red Online

Bit of ombre by the front door.

A Lady in London

Image Credit: A Lady in London

Rusted colours also look great, and this feature wall definitely does it for us!


Image Credit: Hege in France

How about a contrasting colour? This pine green complements the pale pink to no end.


Image Credit: Fuck Yeah Interior Designs

Pink furniture

A blast from the past with the colour bathroom suite.


Image Credit: English Heritage Homes of Texas

Hot pink also has a place in the office!

Abigail Ahern

Image Credit: Abigail Ahern

White on white with the pop of colour found in the rug. Perfect.


Image Credit: Domino

Pink shutters give off an interesting light to the room.

House and Garden 5

This distressed bureau looks like it belongs in a Regency-set drama.

Annie Sloan Paint and Colour

Image Credit: Annie Sloan Paint and Colour

This pink sofa looks amazing with its purple counterpart.

Gravity Home

Image Credit: Gravity Home

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert