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How to Sell Your Car Online | Our Top Tips

Get the best deal you can for your second-hand motor and get it sold without a hitch with our tips on how to sell your car online. Then, once you’re ready to go, head over and place an ad on Preloved and get your motor sold!

Preloved’s Top Tips on How to Sell Your Car Online

  1. Prepare your car by giving it a good clean

    Spending a few hours giving the car a thorough clean, inside and out, will add value to the car and make the sale easier. If you don’t have time to do so, consider paying for a valet to save yourself the effort and make sure it’s done properly.

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  2. Make sure the car is running at it’s best

    Have a check over of the basic electrics, make sure the tyres are inflated and that oil, coolant and brake fluid levels are correct.

  3. Get the car looking the best possible with little touch-ups

    Minor repairs such as replacing car mats, repairing any little damage to alloy wheels, touching up chips and scratches and fixing chips in windscreens. Some minor work will be covered by your insurance and will add value to your car overall and make it easier to sell.

  4. Be committed to putting in the work

    Getting the best deal for yourself will require effort. The more work you put into getting it sold and looking good before you list it online, the more money you’ll be able to sell it for.

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  5. Do your research before you set a price

    Look around at what the average person is willing to pay for your car, not just what people are listing similar models for, but the price of ones that have sold. It’s likely that, unless it’s a second hand classic car, lots of people will be trying to shift the same car as you in your area, so you need to consider being competitive with your price.

    Consider the condition of your car vs others before you go into it as a too-high price will send people elsewhere. Build in a little room for negotiation.

  6. Get a hold of your service history

    Show that your car has been well looked after, so try and pull together all of your receipts for your previous services. If your MOT is nearly due, consider getting it done as a 12 month MOT will be more appealing for a prospective buyer.

    porsche bonnet sell your car online

  7. Write a great description

    Explain all the features of your car in detail, but also think about what makes your car unique and what it has that others might not. You never know what might tip the scales in your favour. Put as many keywords as possible in the title so people searching will find your ad quickly.

  8. Make the most of photos

    Use lots of attractive, clear photos. Take them in a spot with a nice background, clean your car and make sure the sun is out. If you don’t have a good camera phone, use the digital camera going unloved in the back of your cupboard!

  9. Be communicative

    Be responsive, pick up the phone and be sure to check your emails. If you don’t respond, people may move on quickly. People can be worried about making big purchases online so being friendly and honest will make the process easier for everyone.

  10. Think sensibly about payment

    Be sure to make sure you get a full payment and be sensible why not consider using Paypal to make the most of their buyer/seller protection.

    Some scammers can look like; fake overseas ‘exporter’, phishing emails and phone calls asking for bank details, text messages that require you to call back a premium number or paying via cheque and taking the car before the cheque has cleared.

    car key how to sell your car online

  11. Sell safely

    At Preloved, we know it’s incredibly important to buy and sell safely online, which is why we have plenty of advice for making sure everything goes off without a hitch! Why not have a friend or family member around when someone comes to view a car?

    Plus, you should always remove the key out of the ignition before leaving them alone with the car and be sure to not hand over keys or documents until payment is confirmed.

  12. Make sure your sale is foolproof

    Once the car is sold, make sure you write up two copies of a receipt, including all of your own and the buyer’s details and all the details of the car, as well as exactly what has been paid for.

    You will also need to complete and send a V5C to the DVLA with the buyer’s details, or you can do it online. If there is any damage to the car when it is being sold, be sure to include this in the receipt.

That’s all for our top tips on how to sell your car online! Got any tips of your own? Let us know on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram


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