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How to Make Your Own Mason Jar Tealight Holder

This year, instead of splashing out on wasteful expensive decorations this year, why not have a go at crafting some homemade Christmas decorations?

Through this year’s Preloved advent calendar, we’ll be sharing some quick and easy crafts you can have a crack at this year. Plus, they’ll all be using recycled materials to help you reduce your waste double-time this Christmas!

First up, we’ve got this super cute and easy handmade mason jar tealight holder with a lovely wintery scene! Making mince pies? Save the jar from your mincemeat and put it to good use.

What you’ll need:

  • Clean, dry, glass jar
  • Paper and Pencil
  • Scissors/Crafting blade
  • Spray snow
  • Battery operated tea light

Step 1

First, using black paper, sketch out the design you want on your mason jar. For beginners, try something simple, like a series of Christmas trees.

Make sure the paper wraps all the way around the jar to meet in the middle, else you’ll be left with a gap in your design.

mason jar tealight holder

Step 2

Using either scissors or a craft blade (depending on how intricate the design is), cut out your design.

mason jar tealight holder

Step 3

Either using spray glue (or white paint, PVA and a sponge), cover the outside of the jar to create a frosted glass and snowy effect. TIP: once you’ve applied your paper onto the jar, add some more on top for an extra snowy scene!

mason jar tealight holder

Step 4

Once the paint or snow has dried, stick your paper design onto your jar. Make sure the edges are lined up and chop off any overlap!

mason jar tealight holder

Step 5

Pop in a tealight, battery operated or regular, both work!

mason jar tealight holder

And you’re done, your very own mason jar tealight holder! Why not make a variety of designs and put together a little display? Quick and easy, and a great way of getting rid of some leftover waste at home!

Want to get inspired by some more crafts? Head over to our advent craft blog section or head over to our Preloved advent calendar blog to find out what else we’re up to

mason jar tealight holder

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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert