Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

Staring in shop windows at those dream bathrooms, the cream tiles, the roll top bath, the full body shower? Crying at the cost of that gorgeous gilded silver mirror because the idea of hanging it on your bathroom wall seems so out of reach? Look no further!

The bathroom ultimate place in the home to relax, unwind and indulge in some me time. Yet this personal SPA need not break the bank. Here at Preloved, we absolutely love to restore, remake and remodel, and the bathroom is no exception. With hundreds of second hand bathroom items on Preloved to hunt through, and along with our handy tips, you can create your own unique haven cheaply, quickly and easily.

First stop, the bathroom suite!

The central feature of ANY bathroom is, without a doubt, the bath itself. The pinnacle of luxury, a solid, cast iron bath screams relaxation and indulgence. However, with a premium roll top bath costing around £1000 the notion of your dream bathroom may seem just that – a dream. But don’t be tempted to settle for the £300 acrylic bathroom suite, hunt out your dream bathtub right here on Preloved.

We’re aware the notion of a second hand bath may seem a little off-putting at first with the hassle of finding one, get it delivered, and getting it fitted – but consider it an investment of your time that will serve you beautifully for years to come. For those of you that don’t wish to re-enamel a tub, a restored or brand new tub can be bought on Preloved for as little £350, and a whole bathroom suite that includes a roll top bath can cost as little as £500! So if you are after luxury at a reduced cost, it’s well worth having a little gander to see what delights you can find.

bathroom suite

Looking for more of a challenge…

To our Preloved members wishing to save a little more money, a roll top bath in need of a little love could cost you as little as £60. Then there’s the TLC…rather than sending your new bath to be re-enamelled professionally, why not do it yourself for £28 with the Tubby Strip Kit (or £67 for a full restoration kit). All you need to do is sand the bath down then follow the simple instructions to get the bath gleaming again (we’d also recommend you give their youtube guide a watch).

Next, for the paint…if the bath is enamel, be sure to check that the paint is suitable for on your newly resurfaced bath! Following the restoration process the bath will need to be plumbed and fitted which should cost around £40. Look at the Preloved site for the contact information of plumbers and fitters in your area!

Finishing touches…

bathroom fittings and furnishings

The colour you paint your bathroom depends entirely on what makes you feel serene. If you’re going for an Edwardian-Style bathroom with a cast iron roll top bath then both bold and soft colours will work. If you are after that country beach house vibe, then pastels colours together with rubbed down wood and big leaved floor plants should do the trick.

Bathroom suites are not the only bathroom items you can find second hand on Preloved! From second hand bathroom cabinets to bathroom fittings, doing up your bathroom on a budget with Preloved is easy if you are up for getting a little creative! Preloved offers such a wide selection of baths, tiles, mirrors and fittings that you could create anything…from a small mosaic above the sink to a feature wall of red tiles! Your bathroom is your oyster.

Get inspired…

Sometimes the hardest part of decorating any room, is knowing where to start…Do we replace the bath first? Shall we keep the lino? Do we even like having baths, or prefer showers? Having a browse round some other bathrooms is a good place to start…and we don’t mean having a nosey around the bathrooms of everyone you know! Browse through some interior magazines to pinpoint your ideal style, and head over to our budget bathroom Pintrest board to find some money saving ideas to get you started.

If you have some budget bathroom make-over tips, then please share them with us and the rest of Preloved community over on Facebook and Twitter!

Liv Serrage

Liv Serrage

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