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Why Your Dog is the Best Bet this Valentine’s Day

You might have guessed that, here at Preloved, we love dogs. This Valentines, we’re spreading the doggy love as we know your pooch will never let you down and they deserve some attention for their unconditional love and affection!

Why your dog is the best bet this Valentines Day

  1. They miss you when you’re gone

    Leave the house for half an hour and it’s like you’ve been gone for a month.

    Leave the room for more than 30 seconds, you’re greeted like you’ve been away to war.

    dog valentines

  2. They take an interest in your hobbies

    Instead of a grumbly other half complaining that you want to go on a run AGAIN, your dog is PUMPED for more exercise.

    Even if you’re thinking of taking up surfboarding? No problem!

    dog valentines

  3. They’re great at giving cuddles

    They’re not going to sit there on their phone or moan at you to change your channel, they’re just super excited to be spending time with you.

    Plus, who needs a furry blanket when you’ve got a furry pooch to keep you warm!


  4. They’re easy to buy gifts for

    They don’t care for expensive watches or overpriced flowers – gift them a cheap dog toy and they’re delighted!

    Plus, you can’t share your Valentines chocolates with them, so more for you!


  5. They never fail to make you laugh

    There’s no need to pretend to laugh at awkward jokes with your pooch.

    Whether it’s them chasing their tail, pulling a dopey face or being a general goofball.


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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert