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  • Betta Fish Care

    Posted 10 February 2016 by

    Dave from has put together a handy guide on how to provide the best level of care for your Betta fish, including how to create the perfect tank conditions, Betta fish diet, and which tank mates are best. Read more

  • Neutering: When to Neuter Your Cat

    Posted 17 January 2016 by Anya Hastwell

    Cats Protection highlight how important it is to get your cat neutered, and provide some important information about the neutering process. Read more

  • Dangers of Chinese Lanterns

    Posted 31 December 2015 by Adele Gardner

    This New Year, we're urged not to light Chinese sky lanterns as they pose a threat to animals and wildlife. Read on to find out more. Read more

  • Irish Water Spaniel Breed Guide

    Posted 29 December 2015 by Lois Ferrans

    The Irish Water Spaniel are an intelligent breed, who require a lot of patience and determination to train them, but in return, make loyal and loving family pets. Read on to find out if this breed is for you! Read more

  • Christmas Safety Tips for Pets

    Posted 23 December 2015 by PDSA

    The PDSA give the Preloved community some excellent tips for keeping our pets safe this Christmas. Read more

  • Why you should #PawsFirst before getting a pet for Christmas

    Posted 16 December 2015 by PDSA

    The PDSA tell the Preloved community why you should seriously consider the amount of care animals require before getting a pet for Christmas. Read more

  • Beagle Dog Breed Guide

    Posted 13 December 2015 by Jackie Williamson

    The Beagle is a intelligent, fun dog with a huge sense of mischief. They require a securely fenced off area, need exercising regularly and have a reputation as quite a challenging breed. Keep reading to find out more about the Beagle! Read more

  • Homemade Treats for Dogs and Other Pets

    Posted 5 December 2015 by Adele Gardner

    It’s not just friends and family that we love to buy Christmas presents for – many of us love to include our furry friends in the fun and festivities! Read on to get some inspiration for homemade pet treats! Read more

  • Adopting an Older Cat

    Posted 29 November 2015 by Anya Hastwell

    Anya Hastwell, a Cats Protection volunteer, tells the Preloved community that adopting an older cat could be one of the best, and most rewarding, things you could ever do. Read more

  • Borrow My Doggy

    Posted 23 November 2015 by Borrow My Doggy

    BorrowMyDoggy is a trusted community, connecting dog owners with local volunteer borrowers for walks, holiday care and dog sitting. Simple, affordable and safe. Dog owner or dog lover? Read on to see how BorrowMyDoggy can help you. Read more

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