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  • Borrow My Doggy

    Posted 23 November 2015 by Borrow My Doggy

    BorrowMyDoggy is a trusted community, connecting dog owners with local volunteer borrowers for walks, holiday care and dog sitting. Simple, affordable and safe. Dog owner or dog lover? Read on to see how BorrowMyDoggy can help you. Read more

  • Charity Members: Rosina Animal Centre

    Posted 21 November 2015 by Karen Brigden

    There are an abundance of animal rescues that make the most of their free Preloved charity membership and use he site to benefit their cause, Read on the hear some success stories from the Rosina Animal Centre Read more

  • Round-up: Winter Animal Care

    Posted 19 November 2015 by Adele Gardner

    Our winter animal care posts prove to be hugely popular within the Preloved community. Here's a round-up of some of the best blog articles about how to care for your pets, horses and livestock this winter. Read more

  • Charity Member: Border Collie Trust GB

    Posted 14 November 2015 by Ben Wilkes

    Preloved chatted to Ben from the Border Collie Trust to find out about some of the amazing work that the charity do, and to see how their free Preloved charity membership supports their cause. Read more

  • Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Guide

    Posted 12 November 2015 by Julie Blackburn

    Australian Shepherds are intelligent dogs with strong herding and guardian instincts. They make great farm or family dogs, and must always be given a chance to use their brains. Keep reading to find out more about the Australian Shepherd! Read more

  • Bread isn't Best: What to Feed Ducks

    Posted 11 November 2015 by RSPB

    The RSPB tell the Preloved community that bread is not the best food to give to our birds, and suggest some alternatives which will make birds healthier. Read on to find out what these are! Read more

  • Buying a Puppy? | Checklist to help you find the right breeder

    Posted 8 November 2015 by Justine Dench

    Looking to buy a new puppy for you and your family? Ready to start searching for your furry forever friend? Please keep reading to learn how you can help stamp out business for irresponsible breeders, when you are looking for your perfect pooch. Read more

  • Poodle Dog Breed Guide

    Posted 2 November 2015 by Susan Horsfall

    The Poodle is a highly intelligent breed of dog, with a fun-loving nature and a high-maintenance coat which can be shaped into a myriad of different styles. Keep reading to find out more about the Poodle! Read more

  • National Cat Day!

    Posted 29 October 2015 by Adele Gardner

    To celebrate National Cat Day, the Preloved team have brought you a selection of the most interesting and influential felines around. read on to find out about some famous cats you probably didn't know about! Read more

  • Persian Cat Breed Guide

    Posted 20 October 2015 by London Persian Rescue

    Persian cats have long hair, round faces and short muzzles. They require a regular grooming, bathing and eye care, and are well-suited to indoor and apartment living. Read on to find out if this breed is for you! Read more

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