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Woodcraft by Bernard S. Mason

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Oxfam Bookshop Birmingham As the cities become unlivable, the woods begin to look increasingly attractive, and so are invaded, each weekend, by hordes of urbanites who can not tell white oak from sassafras. The authors of most books on woodcraft are content to cater to the minimal needs of these weekend campers; they give the crucial data on mosquito repellents and portable stoves, how to keep things cold ("buy ice") and where the classy campsites are. Not so Mr. Mason. His excellent manual was written a few years back, when pancake mixes and Colman lanterns were not so readily available, and it was considered unseemly for a woodsman to buy something he could make himself. The old school of woodcrafters did not pamper the novic, and neither does this book. The trend is towards "guidebooks." Where to buy butane, the pros and cons of the umbrella tent as an accommodation, the location of nearby beaches. The Deep Woods on Five Dollars a Day. Mr. Mason would not approve. Woodcraft tells you how to fashion a hunting knife from an old saw, how to make pemmican the way the Chippewa Indians did, how to strip birchbark and improvise water carriers from it. Those who feel it is more reasonable to run downtown before setting out to buy a knife, some baloney, and a bucket will not profit from this charmingly atavistic book. Those who feel there is something to be said for good work done by one's pwn capable hands will find it a breath of clean air. There is a store of good advice here on constructing camp implements from what is at hand. Many of these, such as ladders and dishes and salt and pepper shakers, are useful. Some, like Indian war clubs, are not. All however, have the virtue of what the purist would call authenticity. They are uncontaminated by progress, and they serve. "No one would want to make an imitation," pronounces the woodsman, "unless he had to." He is of course wrong, but these days a faith like that is enough to send you happily back to the land. In overall good condition. Dust jacket is poor with tears, scuffs and folds, but is protected by plastic wrap. Inside is clean and binding is tight. See Oxfam website for delivery information

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