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Easy Horse Riding Tips for Spring

Easy Horse Riding Tips for Spring

It’s true that we must all take the new social distancing measures seriously to curb the spread of coronavirus. However, this factor shouldn’t mean that you have to give up horse riding, as you can keep it up as your one form of exercise a day. To avoid the increased number of people out walking or cycling at the time you would usually go, it might be a better idea to go in the early morning or late evening. However, we all know that cold British weather during these periods is inevitable. As inviting as it sounds to curl up under a cozy blanket instead and wait for spring to truly kick in, you don’t have to hang up your riding boots for the rest of the lockdown period. Follow these helpful tips to keep Jack Frost from nipping your nose off during your early morning rides so that you can still get out and about.

Layer up

We all know that the horse isn’t the only one working during a ride. As you start warming up those muscles you may find that you’ve bundled up too much and now you’re stuck in a sauna. By layering your clothes you’re able to take a coat or jacket off without losing all your heat. It’s a good idea to have 3-4 layers so you can adjust accordingly throughout your ride.

Portable hand warmers

The parts of your body that are farthest away from your heart get colder quicker. That’s why your poor toes and fingers start going painfully cold first when you’re horse riding. To help prevent it, stick some disposable, air-activated warmers in your gloves. They even make some that stick to the bottom of your socks. This will help keep the blood flowing to the areas of your body that are most likely to get chilled. You can even pack a few extra pairs for longer rides.

Drink something warm

Nothing warms you up quite like a hot cup of tea. So, prepare for your ride by having a cup before heading out into the cold. This will help ward off the chilly temperatures plus it tastes great! You can also pack a thermos for a quick warm-up after you’re done riding.

Keep moving

A simple, leisurely ride certainly makes for a pleasant day, but you may want to set a more brisk pace to keep both you and your horse warm. Try not to go too intense as this can make you sweat and end up getting chilled even more.

Set a goal

Setting out with a goal in mind gives you something to focus on other than how cold you are. Plan to go a certain distance or complete a set number of exercises with your horse, which also helps to keep both of you in good riding shape. Smaller goals for colder days will also help keep up your motivation to continue riding.

Most importantly

Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself!

horse riding in cold weather

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Mechelle Cook

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