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Storage Ideas for University

While you pack your life away for university, you may fall under two groups: the first years going into halls or those of you moving into a house or flat share. Either way, it is very likely you will not be allowed to (or want to, let’s face it) do any major changes to your room, but storage is an issue. You go from living with your parents and having your belongings spread out throughout the house to having everything you own in one room where you will sleep, study, hang out and, most likely, eat on a regular basis. So, we have found the most useful storage ideas that you can easily adapt to your needs.

1. There is a chance that your bed will be a divan when you go on to house share. However, if you do have space under the bed, utilise it. Invest in storage boxes; depending on your wardrobe space, you can either get plastic boxes or baskets for items that are easier to access.


2. Maximise your door by hanging the snacks and treats you don’t want to share. They mysteriously disappear if left in the communal kitchen, trust us.


3. A drinks stand is a very useful way to store books, uni stuff, tea, coffee or anything else that doesn’t require a drawer.


4. By keeping the tabs from your fizzy drinks, you can double up on room for your clothes. It will become an issue with the fancy dress parties you will be attending and your trips to the charity shop.


5. If you don’t have a wardrobe, there are plenty of clothes racks you can utilise. If there is anything you are embarrassed to hang up in plain view, you should probably get rid of it.


6. Use file holders for purses, belts, and any other accessories that will pile up. This also works in the kitchen, with Tupperware lids.


7. You can use the hooks from a shower curtain to keep all your scarves in one place.


8. And you can make your jewellery holder a subject to talk about when meeting new people in halls.

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9. If you care for your diet (and you should, really), you can organise your slot of the fridge by keep all snack-related items together. It might also deter sneaky thieves.


10. If you are into décor, a ladder can come in handy. You can store your towels there, perch your shoes, make a shelving unit… It all depends on how DIY savvy you are!


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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert