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Pettura – A Healthy Dog Means a Happier You

Pettura is a veterinary formulated range of easy-to-dose liquid and gel supplements for dogs. The brand caters for healthy joints, a shiny coat and oral health as well as multi-vitamins and a calming solution; it’s no surprise that 8 out of 10 dog owners recommend Pettura!

The reasoning behind a liquid supplement is simple, it can be squirted onto food and doesn’t need mixing in, making it much easier to administer than tablets. How many times have we tried to trick our pooch by disguising the tablet with something yummy? And how did that work out for us? Exactly. In fact, 91% of Pettura users agree that liquid supplements are easier to dose. Not only that, but its liquid formula enables the nutrients to get absorbed quicker and more effectively into our pooch’s body.

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Pettura boasts the support of experts such as Marc Abraham, Dr Jeffrey Lee and Carolyn Menteith. Marc Abraham was awarded Vet of the Year in 2015 by the Daily Mirror/RSPCA, and is a practicing veterinary surgeon, author and animal welfare campaigner. He agrees that Pettura is a great option to give to your dog to promote immunity, vitality and mobility.

The brand’s best-seller is Pettura Oral Health. This gel formula gets applied directly to your dog’s gums. The build-up of tartar is one of the leading causes of oral health issues that can lead to more serious diseases. The patented plaque inhibiting complex reduces tartar build up and freshens breath with its refreshing apple flavour which dogs love!

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Pettura recognises the importance dogs have in our lives: they bring us joy, are exceptionally intuitive and are an integral part of the family, meaning that a healthy dog means a happier you. Pettura wants to celebrate this by giving free shipping to our readers; just click through to their website and use the code PRELOVED at checkout. There is also a promotion on at the moment in which customers will save £5.

Pettura is a VIP sponsor at Pup Aid in Primrose Hill this weekend (3rd September 2016), so go along and say hello! You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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Introducing Pettura, an exciting new range of liquid supplements for dogs, developed with top quality pharma-grade ingredients, designed to offer the best support for the nutritional needs of our four-legged friends.