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Second Hand Baby Stuff on Preloved

Many parents dismiss the idea of buying items for their children that are second hand. Here at Preloved, we know that bringing a little person into the world can often cause great financial strain, and believe that buying things secondhand for our children shouldn’t be frowned upon. It’s a great financial decision and, most of the time, is just as good as buying things new!

Of course, there are some things which we wouldn’t buy second hand such as mattresses, pillows, blankets, helmets, swimwear and wetsuits due to health risks. (Remember – when buying these products new, the most expensive ones aren’t always the best!)

However, despite it being necessary for certain essentials to be brand new, there are plenty of other items children need that can be bought second hand – often saving you and your family a small fortune. Books, prams, furniture, clothing, bouncers, swings, and most of all… toys! All these are things that can be ready to re-use and as good as new with a wash or a wipe.


If you have small children, the chances of the clothes they fit into last year still being part of their day-to-day wardrobe are slim. This means that they need new clothes regularly, but also that the second hand clothes you do buy for them will probably have hardly been worn! Bung them in the washing machine and lightly-worn garments will be as good as new for your baby or child! We have a whole host of second hand children’s clothes on Preloved, so you’re bound to find something for the children in your life, whatever age they might be.


These Uggs are new and unworn, as the seller’s daughter grew out of them before she even got a chance to wear them!

Barbour Jacket

This jacket was bought for the seller’s son and no longer fits him. It’s in excellent condition and would make a perfect Christmas present!

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It’s common knowledge that young children get bored of their toys incredibly quickly. By the time summer comes, this year’s Christmas presents will probably just be bits of dismembered doll bodies, abandoned nerf gun bullets and lost jigsaw puzzle pieces strewn around the house. With this in mind, buying Christmas toys second hand is a great way to save money this year.

Sparkly Christmas Books

These sparkly Christmas books are a great buy, and include ‘Santa’s busy Christmas’ and ‘Snowman’s Christmas tale’ amongst other festive titles.

Drum kit, keyboard, guitar

If you’re prepared for the noise, this set of musical instruments is in great condition and would make a brilliant Christmas present for both boys and girls!

Fisher Price Scooter

This brand new Fisher Prices scooter is in still in the original box and is an absolute bargain!

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Items like moses baskets, swings and vibrating chairs are only used for a few months, and can often be quite pricey if bought new. Buying baby and child furniture secondhand is a great idea, and could save you a small fortune.

Swing Rocker

This Fisher Price 3-in-1 swing rocker has hardly ever been used, and is in excellent condition. It has six speeds and is £109.97 if bought new! It’s fantastic value for money and a great buy!

Prefect Pink Baby gym

A perfectly pink fairyland musical gym in excellent condition! You can adjust the play modes to suit your baby’s age and activity level.

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Do you have or are expecting twins? This twin baby jogger is suitable for newborns and children up to age 3 /4.

Kensington Pushchair

This stunning Silver Cross Kensington model pram is a limited edition and is in excellent condition! Can you imagine pushing your baby around in this beauty?

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Remember to always think Preloved before buying brand new!

Adele Gardner

Adele Gardner

Creative Writer

Adele is a creative writer for Preloved. She loves literature, travelling, baked goods and is always hunting for new music.