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5 Affordable and Adorable Valentines Date Ideas

With Valentine’s Day falling so soon after the festive period, romantic purse strings can still be a little tight and finding a Valentines date that won’t break the bank can be difficult. Struggling for ideas? Don’t worry, Preloved are here to help!


Financially catching up after spoiling loved ones at Christmas doesn’t have to have a strain on your romantic soirée’s this February the 14th. Check out these ideas for a romantic Valentines date that are affordable and adorable even with a tight budget!

Affordable Valentines Date Ideas 

  1. Visit a museum or art gallery

    Local museums and art galleries are often free of charge to peruse, with the option to leave a donation for your visit on your way out. If you’re in a bigger city such as Liverpool or London, you can have a date at the Tate and indulge yourselves in the beautiful art work and designs on display. Smaller towns and cities will all have their very own exhibitions to showcase local heritage and history too – so there’s sure to be somewhere to go for a romantic, relaxed stroll around


  2. Create a memory book

    In the age of digital, it seems that every couples life is logged online (it’s not official until you’ve updated your relationship status on Facebook after all). Take an evening out, turn off the TV and put your smartphones away. Gather train tickets, photographs and keepsakes of all your memories and create pretty collages in a scrapbook or on canvases for display. Perhaps even pour yourselves a glass of wine to help the creative process!

  3. Play a board game

    Board games don’t have to be boring! Show your sentimental side, find out your partner’s favourite board game as a child and browse our time machine section to find a super thoughtful gift you can play together!

    valentines date ideas

  4. Have a living room picnic

    Valentine’s Day is also known as the ‘Feast of Saint Valentine’ which makes it the perfect excuse to eat all your favourite foods together. Rather than splashing out on a romantic meal in your favourite restaurant, you can bring an intimate setting with a difference to your very own living room. Light a few candles and throw down a blanket – not forgetting to pick up a bunch of roses and all your favourite finger foods to share!

    valentines date ideas

  5. Start a memory jar

A lot of couples may have started these at New Year, but for those who missed the boat, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to start one too! The idea itself is pretty simple, but the result is endlessly sweet. You simply pick up a pretty jar (maybe from our Home and Family Section here) and each day for an entire year, pop a little note inside with things that make you happy about your loved one. On date night itself, you can spend the evening decorating your jars and preparing the 365 slips of paper to write on, then next year you can swap your jars and open them together!

What Valentines Date ideas do you have this February 14th? Will you be enjoying any of our suggestions or will be you create affordable plans of your own? Let us know over on Twitter.

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Terri Lowe

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