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Keeping Animals Cool in Hot Weather

It’s not just us humans that can suffer when temperatures soar, our pets can too, check out our top tips in keeping animals cool in hot weather.

Keeping Animals Cool in Hot Weather

Keeping Dogs Cool in Hot Weather

  • Avoid taking your dog for as many walks as you normally would.
  • Walks in the morning or evening are best (and if there’s a stream for them to splash about in, even better!)
  • If they’re out in the garden, be sure to give them shade to lie down in
  • Be sure to keep one room of the house well-aired and cool
  • If your pup has light fur or is missing hair in one spot, consider getting some hypo-allergenic suncream
  • Make sure they have plenty of access to water

three dogs keeping animals cool in summer

  • Give them an ice pack or wet towel to lie on
  • Bring a collapsible water bowl on long walks
  • Never EVER leave your dog in the car, even if it’s for a short time.
  • Get them a shallow, cool paddling pool – plus it’s super cute!
  • If they have thick fur, why not give them a haircut and help them cool down easier?
  • Dogs paws can burn on hot pavement. If you can’t keep your bare skin on the pavement for more than 5 seconds, it’s too hot.
  • Keep an eye on them while outside, if they get warm they may try and drink any liquid they come across in the garden

dog in sun keeping animals cool in summer

  • Allergies. It’s not just us humans that suffer from allergies during the summer months – dogs can also develop allergies to pollen which makes them incredibly itchy, especially on their ears, armpits and sides. They may also get red, itchy eyes. Antihistamines and steroids are available from the vets, and vacuuming and washing dog beds regularly can help to remove allergens.
  • Check out our “keeping your dog cool in hot weather” tips from the Dog’s Trust here

Keeping Cats Cool in Hot Weather

  • Be sure there is somewhere shady and cool in the house for them.
  • Gently stroke them with a damp towel to cool off, it’s the same as what cats themselves do!
  • If they have light fur or are hairless, consider getting hypoallergenic suncream to stop sunburn
  • Try to keep them in the house between 10am and 3pm where possible

cat in sun keeping animals cool in summer

  • Freeze a bottle of water and leave it one of their favourite snoozing spots
  • Keep an eye on their feet, hot pavement can burn their paws and may need treating
  • Check sheds and outhouses when locking, as they may present a cool snoozing spot

Keeping Small Furries Cool in Hot Weather

  • It’s not just dogs that need to be protected from the warm weather; rabbits, guinea pigs and other small furries do too
  • Ensure they have a cool, shaded area in their enclosure
  • You could consider bringing them indoors or creating a space for them in the garage.
  • Pop frozen peas under their cage to cool it down

rabbit in shade keeping animals cool in summer

  • For long-haired rabbits, consider cropping their coats short for the summer months
  • Pop a ceramic tile in a cool, shaded area of the hutch for somewhere cool to lie
  • Be sure rabbits get a good amount of fresh vegetables to keep them hydrated
  • Frozen water bottles in the cage can give them something to lean up against
  • Give them a brush to remove any excess fur

Keeping Horses Cool in Hot Weather

  • Make sure your horse has access to a shady area or shelter
  • Try not to ride your horse at the hottest times of the day
  • Wash off sweaty areas after exercise as they may attract flies

horse in field keep animals cool in hot weather

  • Be sure that they have a constant supply of clean, fresh water
  • Give them a salt lick to help replace nutrients lost through sweating
  • If you do need to work your horse in hot weather, be sure to lighten the work
  • Check out these tips and more in our “horses in summer” blog

That’s all for our tips for keeping animals cool in hot weather! Be sure to look after your furry friends in the heat, as well as yourself. If you have any good tips for us, be sure to let us know on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram!

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Justine Dench

Justine Dench

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