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DIY | Pompom Necklace Tutorial

I’m a contemporary designer/maker and member of Preloved! I believe you can make something from anything – it just takes a bit of creative thinking. Oh and some tools help too!

You will need:

  • Superglue
  • 24 inches of nylon cord – or any kind of cord you have lying around
  • Jewellers pliers
  • 24 inches of gold chain (or you can use silver if you wish! You can even use an old one if you no longer use it.)
  • 20 – 30 jump rings (wide enough to thread your cord through)
  • One lobster clasp
  • 10 inches of pompom trim

Start by cutting your pompom trim to length and dot a little bit of superglue onto each end to stop the cotton from fraying.

Take your chain and measure 7 inches from one end. At this point start attaching the pompom trim by first looping a jump ring through one of the links on the chain and then through the edge of the pompom trim. Add a jump ring at every pompom and attach the chain at each point along the way. I left 3 chain links between each join to keep it uniform but this will depend on the size of your chain compared to the trim.

Next, take the end of your cord and cover it in superglue. This will stop the cord from fraying as well as making it a lot easier to thread through the jump rings.

Once the glue has dried, thread the cord through each of the jump rings.

Secure the end of the chain to the end of the cord with a jump ring. Do this on both ends and then attach your clasp to the chain.

And you’re done!

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Stephanie Hamer

Stephanie Hamer

Community User

Stephanie Hamer is a self employed designer/maker, specialising in laser cut homeware and jewellery. She works alongside her furniture making partner and together they run Oh Bother Design.