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Host Your Own Royal Wedding Party

From watching all of the A-List guests arriving, to seeing Meghan in what is sure to be a dress that influences the style of brides for years to come, we know that millions of people up and down the country are going to be tuning in to watch the royal wedding of the year.

So if you’re already getting excited about the upcoming nuptials between HRH Henry Charles Albert David of Wales and Ms. Rachel Meghan Markle, check out our top tips on how to celebrate in style with our royal wedding party guide.


harry and meghan royal wedding party

The look of love! Philanthropist and actress, Meghan Markle, with her Prince

1) Make it local

For those lucky enough to live in a quiet cul-de-sac location with no access required outside of its residents, arranging a street party with your neighbours is always a great way to bring the community together.

If you’re unable to take over the street, bringing some items outside into the garden or driveway, whether it’s tables from your home or garden, a small awning or marquee if you can get hold of them or just lots of lovely mismatched chairs between you all, the party atmosphere will soon be underway.

If a party at, or around, your home isn’t feasible, consider having a get-together in your local park, or have a word with your local pub owner to see if they’d be happy to host a community event for their customers

royal wedding party

Get together with friends and family to enjoy the Royal Wedding

2) Pick A Theme

Having a theme isn’t necessary to be able to have a great time with friends and family – but it’s certainly fun!

Why not throw a party with a traditional British twist? From presenting guests with a beautiful afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches and Earl Grey, to having guests turn up in their tennis whites or James Bond fancy dress – make it an event to remember!

But let’s not forget about the lovely Meghan’s heritage – you could consider a party with an American theme. From hot dogs served alongside those famous red party cups we’ve all seen in the movies, to celebrating an era such as 1920’s jazz, or 80’s rock music, with such a rich cultural history there’s plenty you can do to make Uncle Sam proud.

Alternatively, just combine the two. After all, this wedding unites the UK and US, why not bring both to the table? 

Time for tea?

Or sizzling steaks?


3) Royal Wedding Decor

Hanging bunting and flags doesn’t require too much time or effort, and is relatively low cost. But, if you don’t have any to hand, check out the Christmas bits hiding in your loft – there’s bound to be a few items up there that’ll help set the scene. Even if you simply blow up some balloons, it won’t take much to indicate there’s a party underway as your guests arrive.

Set the scene with some beautiful bunting

If you think your party is likely to head on into the evening, don’t forget about lighting. If you’re out in the garden you may have a security light, or light from the home shining out onto the party goers, but hanging a few solar powered or battery operated fairy lights can really help add to the mood as people settle into the royal wedding ‘night do’.

Celebrate into the evening with some outdoor lighting

Please remember, always take appropriate measures when looking to close public highways and be considerate of other members of the public.



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