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Inspiration: 13 Gender Neutral Nurseries

The age-old topic on gender colours is not that old at all. In fact, pink used to be associated with boys because of its brightness and blue with girls because it was more placid. It seems that everything started to change around the 1940s simply due to manufacturers trying to get parents to buy “gender-appropriate clothing”, applying a stereotype and bias that would last decades. Nowadays, more and more couples are turning away from traditional pink and blue to decorate their baby girl or boy’s room. The colours that feature the most are white, grey, yellow, green and orange.

We have found some truly inspiring gender neutral nurseries that we want to share with you today.

1. The use of white and wood looks great with the sage green and mauve items of furniture. They are not bright colours, so they soften the room and add to the overall relaxing feeling of the space.

1. The Fresh Exchange

Image sourced from The Fresh Exchange

2. This room transmits a mix of bohemian and scandi style. The rug has reds and warm colours which combine with the chest of drawers, the foot stool and the image if the bear. The white chair sets of the white in the rug and combines perfectly with the quilt, which in turn also has reds.

2. Apartment Therapy

Image sourced from Apartment Therapy

3. Once again, the prevailing colours here are white and wood. The light grey curtains enhance the lime green pompoms, which add a fun colour to the room without making it too busy.


Image sourced from

4. Mint green and burned orange interlaced with white looks great. Again, because white and the green are not bright colours, it softens the orange to the point where the eye is taking it in, but is not distracting.

4. Charm Home

Image sourced from Charm Home

5. This room is one of our favourites. Wood, white and navy blue. The concept of having navy in the nursery could make you doubt whether it would work, but it does in this case because it is not the focal point but rather the backdrop. Only the carpet and part of the wall are navy, the rest of the furniture is light.

5. Handy Little Me 2

Image sourced from Little Me

6. This room is mainly sage green and white, with yellow and grey accents. It conveys a relaxing feeling with the promise of fun.

6. Kerianne Brown

Image sourced from Kerianne Brown

7. This room turns away from the colours that have become part of a neutral nursery and has incorporated red, grey and taupe. The splash of red on the top left corner is very smart as it detracts from the busyness of the rug. We also like the elephants and giraffes.

7. Pinterest3

Image sourced from Pinterest

8. Stencils are a great way to add colour and interest to a room, just look at these “silver” birch trees on the olive green wall. The leaves combine with the accents on the crib and the armchair.

8. Shana Cunningham 2

Image sourced from Shana Cunningham

9. This room seems to have a slightly more taupe undertone than  the bluey-grey we have seen. This sets off the mint splendidly and the zigzags add a focal point to the room.

9. Pinterest

Image sourced from Pinterest

10. It might be the image of the rabbit, but this room reminds us of Alice in Wonderland meets scandi style. The simplistic mobile transmits the minimalist feeling the room is going for. The grey curtains let in a gentle light, and the hessian-coloured items in the room tie the whole room together.

10. Handy Little Me

Image sourced from Handy Little Me

11. The use of grey on the wall and the floorboards make the ideal canvas to set off the light feature and the rocking chair. The coving, rug, crib, décor all tie in, and the white stars on the wall are the cherry on top.

11. Handy Little Me 3

Image sourced from Handy Little Me

12. The rug in this nursery does most of the work. The salmon colours bring out the warmth in the cream’coloured blanket, and the mint coloured wall does not clash with anything in the room despite the room not having a distinctive colour palette. Let’s discuss the cactus and antlers when the baby becomes a toddler.

12. Pinterest2

Image sourced from Pinterest

13. The colour theme in the nursery is wood, white and grey. Everything has been considered: from the flooring to the light fixture, the frames, crib, the rug. It definitely has a scandi vibe to it with the design of the crib and the rocking chair.

13. My Scandinavian Home

Image sourced from My Scandinavian Home

Have you been inspired to get decorating? You can browse for cots on the Preloved website. There is also a dedicated section to children in which you may find just what you are looking for.

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert