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For a New Spring look Go Vintage

Vintage fashion never seems to go out of, well… fashion. Beloved by an impressive list of style-conscious celebs, ranging from Lily Allen and Alexa Chung to Kate Moss, it lets devotees match and mix things up a bit with an edgy, wry and ironic attitude combined with a delicious smattering of eccentricity and sheer individualism.

And the chaps get in on the act, too! Check out the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith leading the charge as impeccably dressed vintage ambassadors on and off-screen. Then there’s the sharp suits and antics of those Mad Men.

Why You Should Buy Vintage This Spring

Vintage Is Always Current

Vintage manages to stay ahead of the curve by always being behind it. It’s effortless, cool and timeless in style – a must-have addition to any girl or boy’s fashion arsenal. Created from quality materials that have stood the test of time, and designs and cuts that transcend each passing fad, seek out iconic pieces to work well with any new looks you’re planning this spring. And, oh, the glamour they ooze!

It’s Better For You and The Environment

Vintage lets you look a million dollars without costing you or the environment a packet. At a time when an estimated £140 million worth (or 350,000 tonnes) of used clothes goes into UK landfill each year, vintage could be labelled as the ultimate in sustainable fashion. What’s more, snapping up a classic find is great for a spot of creative reworking and adapting to fit into your own unique style – vintage is very versatile. So grab yourself a sewing machine and get busy.

It’s Harder Wearing

As ‘living, breathing’ snapshots of trends from yesteryear that still hold serious sartorial currency today, these hard-working, hard-wearing threads are great investment pieces that will always find fashionable buyers in the years to come. So you can wear your things for a while and when you’ve had enough of them, stick them back on Preloved for FREE and find a buyer in your area.

Preloved’s Vintage Picks

To help you feel inspired, we have taken a good rummage around Preloved and picked out some cool fashion finds that scream vintage va-va-voom just in time to update your spring look – or any time of year! After all, vintage doesn’t go our of fashion.

European Edge

A great collection of classic vintage women’s fashion with a classy European edge.

Vintage Velvet

This velvet suit with an A-line skirt and single-breasted fitted jacket was made in England by Dereta, London many years ago but is still perfect for standing out in the office and making your mark at meetings!

Woolly Wonder

A pure new wool jacket and skirt tailored and woven in Wales that has stood the test of time with real style. It’s blue, white and dusty pink pattern is perfect for smartening up your spring wardrobe while standing out from the crowd.

Sequinned Stunner

This waistcoat/top by Frank Usher is a fab slice of 80’s vintage style bling, still packing a punch with its bold red sequins and v-neck, just perfect for throwing some shapes at the discoteque

Spring Silk

A great buy for the warmer spring weather heading into summer days, this silk dress is embroidered with a multi-jewel floral pattern featuring bold and bright flowers for some eye-catching colour.

Hippy Style

This genuine 1970’s soft sheepskin coat gives a nod to hippy and grungey style that works well with any kicked-back combos like jeans and a tee.

Bomber Blast

Eye-catching in cherry red, we love this vintage bomber jacket in genuine leather. It’s a little worn, but that just adds to its vintage character

High Flier

Militaria is a great choice for smartening up your look this spring, and coupled with some scuffed up jeans, this German Air Force grey leather flying jacket from 1976 will give your wardrobe wings!

Denim Dream

There is something timeless about the classic simplicity of a vintage denim jacket that transcends the vagaries of fashion. It means that every guy should have a denim, just like this one from the 1970s, ready to put on.

Love Leather

Check out a striking and long leather coat that’s got a bit of a ‘Steampunk’ thing going on. The seller says it belongs to his dad who bought it in Manchester about 30 years ago.

Adele Gardner

Adele Gardner

Creative Writer

Adele is a creative writer for Preloved. She loves literature, travelling, baked goods and is always hunting for new music.