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How To: The Perfect Pancake Flip

Happy Shrove Tuesday! Whichever type of pancake you decide to make tonight, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to the perfect pancake flip in order to impress your friends (and make your kids think you have some extraordinary pancake-flipping powers).

pancake stack

1.    The pan

The all-important pan is the foundation of the successful pancake flip. Make sure it’s non-stick with a thick bottom so your pancakes don’t burn. If you have a pan with handles either side, you can experiment with that, as having two handles may help to control the flip. Make sure the pan is piping hot before putting in the oil/ butter.

2.    The right amount of grease

There is a debate amongst pancake-making connoisseurs as to which type of grease is best to line the pan. Some use vegetable oil, others butter, and some even believe in the power of their non-stick pan so much that they don’t use any at all. We found that using CLARIFIED BUTTER was best, as it gave the best flavour and didn’t burn easily.

3.    Thickness


Ensure the batter is relatively thick to avoid hot batter jumping out of the pan (this can happen when the pancakes are especially thin and aren’t cooked thoroughly enough before flipping). Thick pancakes are also much easier to flip than thin ones!

4.    Size

Pancakes that are small is size are intrinsic to the perfect pancake flip, especially for novice pancake flippers! Put in enough batter so that the pancakes are a little bit smaller than the pan when formed. This will leave plenty of room for you to catch the pancake after you’ve created the perfect pancake flip!

5.    Timing

A common myth is that you should begin flipping once bubbles start to appear. To get the perfect flip, however, you should begin flipping when those bubbles pop and begin to form holes on the surface of the pancake. When the top starts to dry out slightly, it’s time for the big moment!

6.    Technique

Despite popular belief, pancake flipping is in the wrist, not in the movement of the whole arm. Slide the pancake to the edge of the pan that’s furthest away from you. Hold the pan with two hands…

7.    Flip it!

It may take a few practice runs to get it perfect. Hopefully it won’t go as badly as this

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Adele Gardner

Adele Gardner

Creative Writer

Adele is a creative writer for Preloved. She loves literature, travelling, baked goods and is always hunting for new music.