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Top 5 January Money Savers

Top 5 January Money Savers

After an indulgent and EXPENSIVE Christmas holiday period, it’s safe to say were all still feeling the effects of extravagant spending in December! So, we thought what better way to get over the January blues than to provide a few of our best cash saving tips. Here’s our advice on how to cure the so-called “January money hangover” that continues to loom over us throughout the coming months.

1. Satisfy the stomach AND the wallet

Let’s face it… food is the main culprit when it comes to eating away at a budget, and why shouldn’t it be? However, there are a few clever ways to limit the weekly supermarket spending’s this January whilst still being able to enjoy meal time:

  • Instead of dining out with friends or family in the evening, think a ‘come dine with me’ style get together at home, without the bill totalling £100+. Even get the kids involved to avoid the inevitable “Mum can I have a McDonalds?!”
  • When its lunch time at work, bring in a tasty meal made at home instead of giving into the convenience of a money-wasting meal deal. There is so many quick and easy options where the “I don’t have time” excuse simply doesn’t work. Why not even bring in left-overs from dinner the night before?
  • Control your cravings at the supermarket. Make a strict list and do not deviate. The best advice is to do your weekly food shop on a full stomach to control those impulses!

Cooking healthy meal at home

2. Socialising on a budget

With January being synonymous with no alcohol, healthy eating and a drained bank balance, the month is miserable enough without having to cut out socialising altogether. Why not plan a fun holiday or summer festival to give yourself something to look forward to! These events planned in advance can be paid off little by little so it doesn’t break the bank! It is also useful to check for deals and discount codes on local restaurants, cinemas and even weekend breaks. Why not check out your local FB pages and online forums for public free events in your area.

discount and deals for money saving

3. Get active

The post office just around the corner? Why not save the money on petrol and get out those dusty trainers this January? Walking everywhere within a 5-10-minute car drive could save you up to £25 a week! Where you’d usually get a taxi, why not walk to work? Where you’d get a bus, take a relaxed stroll to university or to the kids’ school. Getting in touch with nature is not FREE but also a great way to spend time with the family.

Parent and child walking

4. Keep it up!

Pay day is slowly but surely approaching but our advice would be not to blow it all immediately. Maintain these savvy habits and set financial goals for throughout the year not just January. A useful tip is to check if your bank app has any initiatives to help you keep money aside and set consistent saving patterns.

piggy bank save money

5. Preloved

And of course, this blog wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the fantastic opportunity to sell used and unwanted gifts on our site! What better way to start the new year with a fresh start than to have a good old fashioned clear out. Not only is sorting through your old belongings refreshing with regards to de-cluttering, and re-inventing your wardrobe, but you can also make a surprising amount of money! Rather than simply chucking things away to eventually reach the landfill, put a smile on your wallets face and place an ad! What about those unwanted presents you received at Christmas- give Preloved a go!

Selling clothes second hand

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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert