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5 Easy Ways to Reuse a Scarf at Home

We all have items of clothing that sit in our wardrobes and drawers unworn for years on end, and scarves are a prime example! If you have a scarf you don’t enjoy wearing anymore, but you can’t quite find the will to give it away or sell it, then you should maybe consider using it in your home! To give YOU some inspiration, we have found 5 really easy ways to upcycle your scarf at home. No sewing machines, glue or staple gun is required… just your beloved scarf and some creative thinking!

red and blue scarf hanging on a washing line

1. Dress up a plant pot!

So this may sound a little silly, but by adding a bit of colour to a plant pot, your house plants can soon become a quirky added feature to the rooms in your home!

Plant in a plain white pot

Plant pot covered in a colourful blue, red and white scarf

2. Upcycle a photo frame

This is a lot simpler than it sounds. Simply take the photo frame apart and wrap the scarf around the frame. Bear in mind you will only be able to do this with a thin scarf as you will need to leave room to fit the glass and backboard back into place. Alternatively you could cut the scarf into strips and staple the fabric to the back of the frame to achieve a sleeker look… but we quite like the this textured effect here, what do you think?

plain white frameframe wrapped in a scarf

3. Create a simple table runner

If you have a piece of side furniture that doesn’t get used that often, then why not cheer it up with the draping of a colourful scarf? Simple, yet effective.

plain white chest with plant on topplain white chest with a scarf table runner

4. Tie your curtain back

Perhaps you want to avoid screwing a hook into the wall, or you are just looking for a quirky way to tie your curtains back… try using a scarf to gather them up.

white curtain hanging downcurtain tied back with a scarf

5. A simple tablecloth!

Quite simply the easiest way to reuse your scarf is as a table cloth! If you have a friend coming round for a drink in the sun and you don’t have time to fetch something to cover up the unsightly garden table, then just whip a scarf out of your bedroom and voila!
garden table with a scarf as a table clothgarden table and chairs

We hope you have found some inspiration about how you could reuse some of your old scarves. If you haven’t got any scarves to upcycle, but you fancy having a go then why not check out to see what second hand scarves are up for grabs in our second hand clothing category?

If you have some ideas of your own we would love to hear them – why not share them in the comments box below, or alternatively share your images with us on Facebook, Twitter or tag @prelovedofficial on Instagram? Please keep an eye out on the blog for more upcycling ideas!

Justine Dench

Justine Dench

Creative Editor

Justine Dench is the creative editor for Preloved. Her key personal interests include sustainability, conservation and animal welfare. Justine also has interests in photography, music, gardening and home interiors.