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Movember: Move for Men’s Health

The seed for Movember was planted in a bar, in Melbourne Australia back in 2003. Inspired by a friend’s mother who was fundraising for breast cancer, the first Movember saw 30 people grow a moustache for the entirety of the month. Centred on men’s health and prostate cancer, the following year Spain and the UK joined in the efforts; now there are official campaigns in 21 countries and Movember has funded over 1,200 men’s health projects around the world.

Today, the focus has broadened to testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity. The charity is also extremely proud of the changes it has started: there’s not only a greater awareness, but it has aided with significant breakthroughs in scientific research and has seen a fundamental shift in the conversation around men’s health.

The Movember Foundation tag line “changing the face of men’s health” is a play on words that is the facial changes growing a moustache entails. It also highlights the drilled-in idea men in our society have of not expressing their feelings. Depending on your experience, it might not surprise you that 75% of suicides are men, nor that half a million men take their lives every year due to poor mental health. That is one life every minute. Catching prostate or testicular cancer in time is key on increasing chances of survival, so checking oneself and going for checks needs to be encouraged.

Men experience worse longer term health than women and die 6 years earlier.

The charity wants to help stop men from dying too young, and they pledge to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25% by 2030. If you want to take part this year, it’s easy!

1. Simply register on the website and follow the steps. Follow other fellow Mo Bros and Mo Sistas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2. Start the month of November with a shaved face.

3. Grow the moustache for the whole month. You CANNOT have a beard!

4. You can go solo or join a team. Why not consider raising money as well? The slogan “Move” wants to get people doing exercise for the cause.

If you can’t grow a moustache, never fear…

If you want to host an event or raise awareness in the office, here are some ideas you can make so women, children and men ca take part.

1. Make moustaches from felt or wool.

Bugs and Fishes

Image Credit: Bugs and Fishes

Let's Knit

Image Credit: Let’s Knit





2. Add a fun little moustache to the lapel of your blazer.

Pinterest8 - Needle felt

Image Credit: Pinterest

3. Add some moustaches to straws…


Image Credit: Pinterest

4. … bottles…


Image Credit: Pinterest

5. … or electrical sockets.


Image Credit: Pinterest

6. Create a moustache stamp out of an eraser.


Image Credit: Pinterest

7. Knit yourself a mug-cosy


Image Credit: Pinterest

8. Gather a couple of sticks, string and felt, and make this cute mobile.


Image Credit: Pinterest

9. When in doubt, cake.

Maiko Nagao

Image Credit: Maiko Nagao

What other crafts have you done for Movember? Share your moustaches with us on Twitter!

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert