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Homemade Treats for Dogs and Other Pets

It’s not just friends and family that we love to buy Christmas presents for – many of us love to include our furry friends in the fun and festivities. You can buy Christmas-themed treats or ‘pet stockings’ in pet supply stores and supermarkets, but they’re often overpriced, and much better alternatives can be made at home.

This year, alongside making some delicious homemade edible presents for human loved ones, why not try making edible pet presents too? (Even if they’re not very nice, your pets will probably still eat them to be polite.)

Of course, knowing your own pet’s dietary requirements, likes, and dislikes means that you’re able to cater for your pet’s individual tastes, and have full control over what you will reward them with. Many of the following ideas can be made relatively cheaply too! Remember, you could always wrap up some of these delectable pet delicacies and give them to your friends that have pets!


Carrot and Oat Dog Biscuits

Carrot and Oat Dog Biscuits

Most of us have been tempted to treat our dogs with a some scraps of Christmas dinner on the big day, after all, it is the season of giving and sharing, right? However, feeding our dogs scraps and leftovers isn’t always the healthiest option, and these healthy treats are a perfect alternative!

They’re incredibly easy to make, and not that much different to ordinary human biscuits.

Image credit: Pinterest

Minty Fresh Dog Treats

Minty Dog Treats

Sometimes, our dogs need a little helping hand in the breath department. The mint leaves baked into the biscuits act as a natural breath freshener, making these breath-freshening treats perfect both canine and owner!

Image Credit: Pinterest 

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

These delicious treats are so simple and easy to make, and are an absolute hit with dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. (Please be aware that this recipe contains flour/wheat that some dogs may be allergic to. You can use rice flour or coconut flour as an alternative.)

You can find full details of this recipe on The Cookie Rookie’s blog (along with a whole host of adorable pictures).

Image credit: The Cookie Rookie 


Crunchy Tuna Cat treats

Crunchy Tuna Cat Treats

These delicious crunchy cat treats are a hit with our feline friends. The ingredients are extremely simple and they can be made in about half an hour. Your cat is guaranteed to love these ones!

Image credit: Pinterest

Cheesy Cat Treats

Cheesy Cat Treats

Like all the other treats on this list, the ingredients for these cheesy cat biscuits are incredibly easy  and cheap to source. Cats will go crazy for these! (They look good enough for humans too…)

Image Credit: TheSpiffyCookie


Bunny Treats

bunny treats

These treats are incredibly easy to make, and although this recipe includes ingredients that bunnies love, including carrot, banana and honey, these treats should be given sparingly as they have high sugar content.


Carrot Horse Treats

Carrot Horse Treats

If you have a horse, or care for any horses that you would like to treat, these carrot balls are perfect and they’re sure to want to gobble these up in an instant. All the ingredients are extremely simple, and you can find the Carrot Horse Treat Recipe here!

Image Credit: Sarah Hearts


Homemade Hamster Treat Sticks

Homemade Hamster Treat Sticks

These tasty hamster treats are potentially the easiest ones on the list. All you need to do is dip some chew sticks in peanut butter and roll them around in your hamster’s favourite seeds! These ones are guaranteed to bring hours of endless enjoyment!

Image Credit: wikihow

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