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Second Hand Glam

Always thought that secondhand buying and selling somehow lacked a little glamour and sense of luxury? Wrong! Preloved is just dripping with items for sale that simply ooze the jet-set lifestyle. If you want to bag some playthings of the rich and famous, there’s always a deal to be done so you can get a slice of the millionaire’s life without breaking the bank (although we can’t promise it won’t still dent you wallet!)

We’ve picked out some blingtastic adverts that could be the dream buys you’re looking for…

Second Hand Yacht

All Aboard! This Camper and Nicholson’s classic 1970’s yacht has six berths and three cabins along its 39 feet length. All aboard Peoganesh for sailing in real style and setting a course for the Côte d’Azurto make some waves with the millionaires!

Yacht nicholson 39

Second Hand Speed Boat

Cruiser makes a splash! Here’s a classic family motor cruiser, perfect for messing about on the river. And with a top speed of 30 knots it will give you a taste of life in the fast lane!

searay 215 express cruiser 2000 model sports

Luxury Second Hand Cars

Life in the luxury lane!

This Daimler DS 420 Limo is any would-be millionaire’s car of choice if they want some old-school Hollywood glamour. Refined, luxurious and effortlessly cool it’s a limo geared up for getting you from A to B in luxury.

Dalimer DS 420 limo

Classic Coupe

The heady style and sensuous design of this Alvis Vanden Plas from 1934 would be enough to turn Jay Gatsby’s head in envy. It’s a sports coupe that’s got glamour in its DNA and a great getaway vehicle for exploring the best things in life.

Classic Coupe MGB 1968 Green

Star Car

If cars could talk this Lamborghini Aventador would snarl. Dare you get behind the wheel of this 2014 model in eye-whacking yellow?


Fab Second Hand Fendi Bag

Behold and relish the look of instant envy on your girlfriends’ faces as you place this iconic Fendi Spy Bag in tan, brown and black leather on the table top during a cheeky luncheon!

Fendi Tribal Baby Spy Bag. Tan/Brown & Black Leather

Second Hand Antique Furniture

Dine in style – every dinner party will get to sample a taste of luxury when invited to a select gathering around this beautiful antique dining table. With 14 matching chairs, it offers sumptuous seating fit for a King!

antique table and chairs

One to Watch

Slipping a nice slice of bling on your wrist, like this designer Dior watch, makes you feel like you’ve arrived in no time!

dior watch for sale

Adele Gardner

Adele Gardner

Creative Writer

Adele is a creative writer for Preloved. She loves literature, travelling, baked goods and is always hunting for new music.