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5 Easy Christmas Crafts For You To Try

5 Easy Christmas Crafts and DIY’s For You To Try

Christmas Is Coming! 

Christmas is a time to spend with family, to enjoy winter walks, and celebrate the year closing. This year whilst in many ways has been better than last we have still had some hurdles. Which is why this Christmas we need to celebrate the small things. But with all of this pressure with Christmas sometimes we need to wind down. My favourite way to wind down is to make some crafts and DIYs. Plus it’s an added bonus that you can save some money with decorating this way.

Christmas Crafts 

Once you have gotten your decks down and and maybe given Pinterest a good scroll, you might feel like you want to get creative. There is nothing worse then finding a centre piece then looking at the price, and your heart falling out of your mouth. I have tried and succeeded making all of the crafts that I will suggesting to make today, and I can promise they aren’t hard. The only tackling thing is you will need to head to the nearest forest, and transport some foliage home.

Preloved’s Easy Christmas Crafts

Now let’s go through these 5 easy Christmas crafts that we think you should make during this merry time.

Christmas Ribbon Tree

This one is nice and simple, all it requires is a stick and some coloured/patterned ribbon (ideally in green). Simple tie the ribbon around the stick and then cut it so that it gets shorter as it goes up. These are lovely table place holders! Use the image for reference.

Homemade Wreath

You can either start from scratch or to make life easier than you can get the how to kit online – better yet try getting it second hand. This is where your foliage will come in the most useful, using this and chicken wire than you can make one nice and rustic.

Dangling Christmas Tree 

Using dried fruit and sticks, and placing them in the order that replicates a tree then you can make a dangling Christmas tree. We have gotten a flat lay image as a idea on what to do, then you want to tie these items together. Some will require you to drill a small hole in them but if you don’t have the tools then use solely sticks to make it easier.

Name-Tag Garland

You quite simply do as the photo shows. Using left over present tags and a nice pen sign out your message letter by letter. It makes for a simple but effective Christmas decoration.

Twig Centre Piece

Using the foliage that you have picked up again you can use the leaves and spray paint to make a centre piece on your table. If you want candles make sure they are high enough that there isn’t any fire hazards. Like the image shows go high, out of reach – out of danger.

What else…

If you still have an itch to make some crafts then check our Preloved Pinterest page.


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Lucy Roberts

Lucy Roberts

Marketing Executive

Lucy works on all things Marketing in the Preloved Team. Not only does she love all things puppy related but she also enjoys trying her hand at any and all DIY's.