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#MyPrelovedHome Instagram Challenge

This January, we're challenging you to join us in our #MyPrelovedHome Instagram challenge! Think differently about your homes and belongings and spread the word that second-hand & long-lasting pieces are what makes a home a home.

2018-09-27 15:10:55By Holly Fitzgerald

Preloved News

Making our Preloved Community Better

To help make our Preloved a better and safer place for our community, we’ve made some changes to our site. As part of this, we’re moving our forums to our closed Facebook groups on Monday 16th April 2018 to bring our growing community together.

2018-04-12 21:25:04By Holly Fitzgerald

Preloved News

#PrelovedHour - Come Join the Fun!

Every Thursday, over on our Twitter, something very special happens with the Preloved community. It's called #PrelovedHour and this is your invitation to come join the fun!

2018-03-29 12:01:37By Holly Fitzgerald