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Preloved News

Making our Preloved Community Better

To help make our Preloved a better and safer place for our community, we’ve made some changes to our site. As part of this, we’re moving our forums to our closed Facebook groups on Monday 16th April 2018 to bring our growing community together.

What’s changed?

We’re moving the Preloved Forums from the Preloved site into our Facebook Closed Groups; Preloved People, Preloved Pets and Preloved Motors.


We are in the process of changing the site to make it a place that’s easier for our community to buy and sell. In order to make the Preloved Forums a safe and trustworthy place for you to have a chat and share knowledge, we’ve decided that Facebook is the best place to host them.

Plus, this gives us the chance to share more of our knowledge and the knowledge of specialists with you with some guest appearances from some well-known faces!

About the Facebook Communities

Preloved Community

This is the home of all things Preloved. If you have any general questions, funny updates, lovely stories or simply knowledge to share, this is the place to be. Preloved has over 500 categories and conversations from any of these are more than welcome!

Preloved Pets

This is a space for all you pet-fanatics to chat about all things pets. We noticed that this was a massive part of the Preloved forums and didn’t want the dedicated fans to miss out. Here you can share funny pictures and stories, ask questions and share your experience of your pets.

Preloved Motors

We also noticed that there was a massive part of the Preloved forums dedicated to sharing knowledge about all things motoring, so we decided to give it it’s own group. Share your knowledge, show off and just have a general chat with like-minded car fans!

If there’s anything you think we might have missed, then let us know!

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert