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Community Recycle: Supporting Schools Across The Country

Community Recycle Scheme: Supporting Schools in Our Communities 

Community Recycle has been set up to help schools across the country receive a range of free goods and equipment which otherwise could have been left in storage or even sent to landfill. Instead, the items are donated and put to good use at primary and secondary schools, saving them money and improving their facilities.

community recycle fence pale

The scheme collects a variety of overstocked, unsellable, and returned goods from various companies working within the external school environment sector. The items are then published on the website, so schools can see what they can choose from. A range of great items are available to schools, including: 

  • Post Pads 
  • Shade Sails 
  • Outdoor Furniture Items 
  • Colourful Fence Pales

community recycle scheme a&s landscape

Schools can easily apply for any of the available items by sending a request on the website. The responses will then be reviewed by the team, who will coordinate where the items can be sent, to help as many schools as possible benefit from the scheme. The goods are then sent free‐of‐charge to the school. 

Already over 40 schools have been sent free items from the Community Recycle scheme, including Notton House Academy who received a plant pot and said: 

“We are very grateful for the donation of the plant pot. It sits proudly in reception, showing all of our staff, young people, their families, and visitors, that the Notton House Core Values of Safety, Kindness, and Respect, are embraced in everything we do.

community recycle shade sail

If you would like to get involved and donate a second‐hand item or discontinued stock to the initiative, please send us an email and let us know what you are donating. 

Visit A&S Landscape Here.

A&S Landscape

A&S Landscape

Community User

As a supplier of school canopies and shade sails, we are passionate about children spending quality time outside. The Community Recycle scheme helps schools make improvements to their facilities, which makes it easier for the pupils to get outside and have fun in the fresh air.